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Good morning Everyone. By way of introduction my name is Jeff Ewin and this is officially my first blog post here on the ‘Because It’s Everybody’s Business’ blog. Ok…make that my first Blog post ever!

I guess I’ll start with a very brief introduction on what I do and why i'm here blogging on the BIEB site. I’ve been kicking around Microsoft Canada for approximately 4 years now. Where my time has been equally split between helping to lead Microsoft Canada’s outreach to Canadian IT Pros through TechNet Canada and now as the Canadian Product Manager for Security & Management (Forefront / System Center). To date the product management role has been an exciting whirlwind of opportunities, challenges and adventures. I’m excited to be able to use this portal as a way to showcase what we're doing locally and what’s coming down the pipes in the coming months/years.

Our local team is quite small; that said, we have some cousins in living over in Seattle who run a number of product related blogs both technical and business related.  At times I may even repurpose or point to some of their key postings as way of connecting you with our corporate product teams. If you haven’t seen our System Center team blog yet, check us out here, it’s a very active blog, with a lot of passionate contributors!

I am really pleased to be given a chance to connect with you here on this blog, and I am really looking forward to sharing news, updates and stories about our management and security division through the BIEB site. 

This Blog is meant to be a two way conversation and all of our Canadian contributors welcome your feedback. We truly do hope that you find our contributions valuable.  If there is some topic or capability you would like us to dive deep on, let us know.  This site is for you "the Canadian IT Professional", if you are going to take the time to read it…then we want to make sure our posts are worth reading and that we are responding to your questions and comments.

Let’s work together on helping you succeed, grow, gain agility and along the way we'll try to save you some costs. 

Thank you for your time.

Jeff Ewin

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