IE8, el Navegador más seguro.

Lo dicen terceros:

  • NSS Labs: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 was the standout in our tests, achieving a best-in-class 69% catch rate against Malware.
  • Computerworld: According to NSS Labs, which conducted the Microsoft-sponsored study, IE8 blocked 69% of the 492 malware-distributing Web sites that were included in the survey data. Mozilla's Firefox, meanwhile, blocked only 30% of those same sites. "I was surprised that IE8 did as well as it did," Rick Moy, president of NSS Labs, said in an interview Tuesday. "But Microsoft has put a lot of effort into security in IE8“.
  • PC World: Internet Explorer 8 Offers Improved Privacy and Security / Cross-site scripting (aka "XSS") attacks occur when a malicious Web site uses Javascipt to read or write data onto another Web site. Unlike the three competing browsers, IE 8 will offer built-in XSS protection. Firefox recommends that users install No Script, a third-party add-on. So far, Chrome and Safari don't offer XSS-specific protection.

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