Learn Best Practices for Managing and Administering SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business Ignite Session Links and Resources

<Updated on October 14, 2016 with links below to Ignite session recording, slides, and sample PowerShell scripts.>

Below is a rough outline & some of the resources that I will be referring to as part of my “Learn best practices for managing and administering SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business” session and demonstrations at the Microsoft Ignite Conference on Wednesday afternoon, September 28, 2016.

My session will be mostly all live demo and will include a detailed review of the items below plus other features that are not publicly released yet.

Also, this session will build upon some of the material that I presented at prior SharePoint Conference; TechEd; & Ignite events. Please check out those session recordings on Channel 9 if you want to see topics that I covered previously related to general SharePoint Online & OneDrive for Business administration capabilities.

Want to provide feedback or ask questions before or after the session at Ignite? Please leave a comment below or connect with me on Twitter or the Microsoft Tech Community.

See you at Ignite!

Rough Session Outline

  1. Office 365 Admin Primer: Brief discussion around Office 365 architecture; identity management; service health; managing updates in the service; & the Security & Compliance Center.
  2. SharePoint Online Admin 101: Quick orientation & review of managing SharePoint Online via the admin experience & PowerShell.
  3. Solutions to Common Scenarios & Questions: This will be the bulk of the session where we will go through 5 of the most common topics that I regularly review with large customers in my role as a Collaboration Solution Architect at the Microsoft Technology Center. These scenarios include thoroughly answering & demonstrating how to:
    • Control external sharing
    • Restrict access to approved devices & users
    • Prevent accidental information leakage
    • Report on & audit user activity
    • Manage employee termination & content retention

Resources Being Referred to During My Session Will Include

  1. Controlling Access to Office 365 & Protecting Content on Devices
  2. OneDrive for Business user profile deletion process
  3. SharePoint Online PowerShell commands including Set-SPOTenant, Set-SPOTenantSyncClientRestriction
  4. Microsoft IT examples for monitoring & protecting sensitive data in Office 365
  5. Office 365 management API
  6. Controlling external sharing settings (e.g. for non-owners)
  7. Conditional access
  8. Per app MFA & network location policies
  9. Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) client access policies
  10. New SharePoint Online capabilities & quotas
  11. SharePoint Online limit & boundary updates
  12. Office 365 hybrid scenarios
  13. Office 365 development & SharePoint patterns & practices
  14. Microsoft Trust Center
  15. Office 365 Service Descriptions
  16. Fast Track
  17. Microsoft Tech Community

Post Ignite Session Resources

  1. Session recording
  2. Slides (with backup screenshots)
  3. PowerShell scripts from my main Ignite session & MTC theater session
Comments (5)

  1. Hi,

    I had watched you session in YouTube. Thanks for the good content delivered. I have few queries. Please me know your suggestion/input on them

    My customer have a huge SharePoint 2010 environment ( 15K Site Collections in 7 different farms) and dedicated common search farm for all farms. But there are many issues in crawling, some time user need to wait for a day to get his change appear in the search result. Hence we had planned to implement Hybrid search for all SharePoint farm contents using “O365 Cloud Search service application”. Currently we are in the phase of setting up the environment. At the same time my custom wants to implement DLP. Like display alert if any document contains credit card number, same way you had shown in the demo.

    My query is that the alert/indicator was displayed in the document library and in the report. I can understand that the content resides in SharePoint Online therefore there will not be any problem of applying the DLP. But can it be done for on-prem crawled content.

    I want display a report which shows the document details which contains credit card details from crawled data.

    Thanks in advance,

    K Senthilrajan

    1. Thanks for the note and feedback. Unfortunately DLP policies cannot be applied to SharePoint 2010 content. However, SharePoint Server 2016 does support DLP – in addition to SharePoint Online.

      1. Thanks for the response.
        Is it possible to use DLP on SharePoint 2013 server?
        Is there any possibilities to apply DLP on onedrive data once it is crawled by search service in SharePoint online?

      2. Thanks for the response.

        Please clarify below queries as well.

        1. Is DLP supported in SharePoint Server 2013?
        2. Is it possible to have DLP on OneDrive data which will be crwaled as part of search?

        K Senthilrajan

        1. 1. DLP is part of SharePoint Online & SharePoint Server 2016.
          2. DLP applies to OneDrive for Business in SharePoint Online & SharePoint Server 2016.

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