Slides from “How To Drive End User Adoption For SharePoint 2010” Axceler Webinar Presentation

Thanks again to everyone that attended the “How To Drive End User Adoption For SharePoint 2010” session that I presented on the Axceler sponsored webinar earlier today. As requested, the slides that I presented are linked to below.

3/11/11 Update

Based on some additional requests, here are direct links:

  1. Quick download of the slides
  2. Session recording
  3. My Twitter account
  4. Crawl, Walk, Run blog post
  5. SharePoint 2010 analytics
  6. Getting started with SharePoint 2010 blog post
  7. Productivity Hub download
  8. SharePoint 2010 adoption best practices whitepaper
  9. Northeast area SharePoint Saturdays and user groups blog post
  10. Essential SharePoint 2010 book
Comments (6)

  1. Hi Roy – Not sure of which links you're referring to? The ones above work for me.

  2. Thanks for the comments John. Glad the session was helpful. Appreciate the feedback.

  3. Stavros – Please try again. I can access them now – may have been a brief hiccup on SkyDrive.

  4. I.Roy says:

    Will you be fixing the links?

  5. John Tomasi says:

    Great presentation Chris.  Our organization is in the planning phase of rolling out SharePoint 2010 to the enterprise, a redeployment like most organizations from IT to the business.  Thanks for the info.

  6. Stavros says:

    I am also getting :  The presentation cannot be displayed.

    when I open this page

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