Congratulations to SharePoint Product Team for Achieving #1 Ranking on Gartner’s 2010 Horizontal Portals Magic Quadrant

Since launch, SharePoint 2010 has experienced strong momentum, particularly in the form of favorable validation from the analyst community.  Gartner recently published a report by Jim Murphy, Gene Phifer, Ray Valdes and Eric Knipp: the 2010 Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals.  In the report, Microsoft not only maintains its Leadership ranking but moves into the #1 position on the report – highest on both the Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision axes – overtaking IBM.

According to Gartner, making the right portal choice is more important than ever before and the major technology shifts toward Web 2.0, the cloud and business versus the IT influence are galvanizing the portal market.  The report indicates that Microsoft is a consideration in more Gartner portal inquiries (over 70%) than any other vendor.  The analysts attribute the strong forward movement on the Magic Quadrant to significant enhancements in SharePoint 2010, impressive customer momentum and adoption, and being the only large vendor with a bona fide portal cloud offering and a smart strategy for helping companies use and adopt it.

As the analysts state in this report, enterprise vendors are using portals to promote their most-sweeping and most-critical agendas, making the portal choice even more vital to ensuring that organizations can accomplish their business goals.  This strong forward movement on the Magic Quadrant is powerful validation for both Microsoft’s portal solution and SharePoint 2010, reflecting that SharePoint 2010 offers a strategic and visionary enterprise portal offering for organizations.

You can find a courtesy copy of this report, and additional analyst reports, here with Microsoft’s compliments.

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