Getting Started with SharePoint 2010

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Since the beta for SharePoint 2010 was publicly released in November 2009 there has been a lot of interest and activity by our customers and partners testing and planning for SharePoint 2010. About 90% of my activities these days is directly related to working with customers and partners on SharePoint 2010.

Below are some of the main resources and links that I share with people. Hope these help. Please share others with me and I’ll update and maintain the list. Thanks!

P.S. For those of you in the Boston, MA area – I’ll see you soon at the SharePoint Saturday event on Saturday, February 27, 2010. Sessions will be offered there for end users, developers and IT pros.I’ll be leading a session there on SharePoint as a Development Platform.

General SharePoint 2010 Overview

  1. SharePoint 2010 main Microsoft site– The primary starting point for finding all SharePoint 2010 information, videos, whitepapers and other resources.
  2. SharePoint and Office 2010 whitepaper– Get all of the details on what features require the 2010 versions of Office and SharePoint.
  3. SharePoint 2010 evaluation guides – These were given to all SharePoint Conference attendees in October 2009. Separate guides for SharePoint 2010 overview, IT pros and developers.
  4. SharePoint Conference content– You can access all SharePoint Conference content and session replays online. Conference attendees already have access. Didn’t make it to Las Vegas for the event? No problem. You can also purchase access to the content at the site.
  5. End user training– Point8020 has started publishing some SharePoint 2010 training videos.
  6. Twitter – The #SP2010hash tag is the primary one I follow for all news on SharePoint 2010. You can also follow me @cbortlik to get my regular updates and see who else I’m following.
  7. Prior post– My post from last October provides many additional links to videos and press releases from when we publicly unveiled SharePoint 2010 at the SharePoint Conference.
  8. The Productivity Hub has been updated to include SharePoint & Office 2010 training resources.
  9. Read a book on SharePoint. For example, I am a contributing author on the Essential SharePoint 2010 book that is being released soon
  10. SharePoint 2010 end user trainingresource link summary on the Microsoft SharePoint site.
  11. SharePoint 2010 end user adoption kit, tips & tricks - I Use SharePoint 
  12. Brainstorm offers many different training options & resources for SharePoint & Office. 

IT Pros

In addition to the items above, IT pros may want to review and consider the following resources:

  1. TechNet– Review the published SharePoint 2010 technical guidance and best practices. Some of the key areas to check out include server, database and client requirements; migration planning; and the new management capabilities.
  2. SharePoint product team blog– Setup an RSS feed to keep up to date on the latest technical announcements from the SharePoint product team.
  3. SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS)– Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) and our partners have been trained extensively in SharePoint 2010 and have offerings to help you with the planning and upgrading to SharePoint 2010.
  4. Get the SharePoint 2010 RTM bits! To do so, you have a few options:
    • Build your own environment: You can downloadSharePoint 2010 and use these instructionsto setup and configure SharePoint 2010. I’ve also found this blog postfrom Ron Bokleman to be very helpful as well.
    • Use a prebuilt environment: You can downloada fully built SharePoint 2010 test environment which is a set of Virtual Hard Drives (VHD) that can be used with Hyper-V.
  5. SharePoint 2010 IT Pro training - Released in May 2010.
  6. Capacity Management Planning for SharePoint 2010


Developers may also want to check out the following:

  1. MSDN– Tons of SharePoint 2010 developer information and guidance is available on the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) site.
  2. Channel 9– A number of introductory SharePoint 2010 developer resources and training modules can now be freely accessed from Channel 9 on MSDN.
  3. Critical Path Training– Critical Path Training (CPT) is offering training now for SharePoint 2010 developers. CPT trains Microsoft and our partners and is now able to train our customers as well.
  4. CodePlex– SharePoint 2010 development projects are already being created and published by the SharePoint community as well Microsoft and our partners.
  5. SharePoint 2010 Developer training - Updated and released in May 2010.
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