“Learning Snacks” for SharePoint 2010 Now Available

Want to quickly learn about SharePoint 2010 products in preparation of the new Beta release? Try these new “Learning Snacks”; bite-sized online readiness courses provided by Microsoft Learning, on the following subjects:

Developing Solutions with Microsoft SharePoint 2010
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 enables developers to build rich solutions easily, rapidly, and efficiently. This Learning Snack demonstrates how you can use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 to create and deploy your solutions. It also demonstrates how you can build Silverlight applications using the SharePoint 2010 client object model and use LINQ to SharePoint to create SharePoint entities

Experiencing the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 User Interface

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 includes an enhanced user interface that provides IT professionals with a streamlined administration experience. This Learning Snack describes the features of the SharePoint 2010 user interface. It demonstrates how the new Central Administration console enables you to perform several administrative tasks from one central location. The Learning Snack also describes how Shared Application Architecture can be used for flexible deployments in SharePoint 2010

Managing and Troubleshooting with Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 facilitates administration by providing several tools that help IT professionals efficiently manage data and troubleshoot any issues. This Learning Snack describes the Large List Resource Throttling feature, which helps you manage large lists. It demonstrates how a SQL Server logging database can be used to log SharePoint events. The Learning Snack also demonstrates how the SharePoint Best Practices Analyzer can be used to detect and automatically fix common issues

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