See you at the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas!

It’s hard to believe, but the SharePoint Conference is less than 7 weeks away! The conference is being held in Las Vegas from October 19-22. This will be THE place to hear and see all about SharePoint 2010.

I will be attending the SharePoint Conference and will be involved in a few things, including:

  1. Presenting a session titled: “Office 2007 vs. Office 2010 - Deployment Considerations”
  2. Proctoring hands on labs where you can use SharePoint 2010

The hands on labs are self explanatory. This will be your time to take a guided tour of all things SharePoint 2010 and be able to use the latest bits.

My presentation, at first glance, may seem a little odd. Why, at the SharePoint Conference of all places, are we talking about Office?

The answer: in the 2007 product release, the Office client lights up many of the key SharePoint capabilities and helps drive end user usage and adoption. More details on that can be found here in my prior blog post. In the 2010 release, we will build upon and extend this integration.

This session will dive into the pros and cons of Office 2007 and Office 2010 deployment and discuss how deploying Office 2007 now can help pave the way for Office 2010 in the future. Specific areas of focus will include the Open XML file formats; Office Business Applications; user interface changes and adoption; application virtualization; and integration of the Office client with SharePoint, Exchange and Office Communications Server (OCS).

Are you planning to be at the SharePoint Conference as well? If so, what sessions and topics are you most interested to learn about?

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