Love OneNote? Prove it!

Many of my customers and partners comment about how much they love OneNote.

OneNote is a great tool for organizing notes; brainstorming; collaborating; and (most importantly) finding information.

For those of you that simply cannot live without OneNote (such as me!) you’ll be glad to know that we recently launched a new community site for OneNote users to connect. The site is simple to remember: IHeartOneNote

With the focus that many of us have on going green and saving money, OneNote plays a valuable role.

For example, many people now use OneNote for distributing and updating HR policies and training manuals. A great capability of OneNote is that multiple people can collaborate in the same notebook and OneNote can automatically synchronize changes between SharePoint, a network share and multiple computers.

Some people think that OneNote is only for people with tablet PCs. That is a common misconception. While tablet PCs add to the OneNote experience (for example you can write your notes on your tablet just like you would in a paper notebook) the majority of OneNote users do not use tablets.

Still want to take notes on paper, but see the value in having your notes stored electronically in OneNote so you can easily file and search them later? Check out a partner solution from Adapx that allows you to write notes in a notebook and then sync them with OneNote.

Don’t just take my word for it. If you’re not using OneNote yet, download the free 60 day trial version of OneNote and let me know what you think.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    One of the topics that I frequently present on at conferences is the Office system and why it is “better”

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