Office 2007 End User Training Resources

One question that customers frequently ask is: how do we most efficiently ramp up new users on Microsoft Office 2007?

With the release of Office 2007, we introduced the new Fluent User Interface which makes Office much more usable and enables users to easily find and use features that had been "buried" in prior versions of the product. Plus it highlights many of the new enhancements and improvements in Office 2007.

To assist with overcoming the initial learning curve with the new Office UI, and to make sure that customers realize the full value of their investment in the Office platform, Microsoft offers a number of free resources to our customers. These include:

  1. Office 2007 Training Home Page

  2. Fluent User Interface Resource Center

  3. Get Started Resources

  4. Office 2003 to Office 2007 Command Mapping Guides

  5. Search Commands Tool

  6. Enterprise Learning Framework

If your company has Software Assurance benefits, then you may also have access to additional tools and resources, such as:

  1. Home Use Program

  2. E-Learning

  3. Training Vouchers

With all of these resources available, there is sure to be something to meet the learning styles and needs of everyone. So, if you're not already using Office 2007, what are you waiting for? 😉

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  1. Microsoft Office Training says:

    Love the Help tab – first time I have come across it – will definitely make use of that! Thanks

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