Mobile access of files hosted on corporate file servers from Windows and iOS devices!

We all have used or currently use cloud drives, e.g. OneDrive, Box, DropBox, and so on. However what if you’re an organization that needs provide mobile access to files, however you need to keep some or certain files locally on the file server? How about CAD files or other documents that may not work well…


Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine Readiness Assessment

  Are you interested in moving virtual machines to Microsoft Azure? Are you finding it difficult to assess workload readiness for Azure? Look no further, the Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine Readiness Assessment tool is here to assist. The Virtual Machines Readiness Assessment tool automatically inspects your on-premises environment, whether it is physical or virtualized, and…


Microsoft Azure (IaaS) Cost Estimator Tool version 1.2

Back in August of 2014 Microsoft released version 1.0 of the Azure (IaaS) Cost Estimator Tool (view my previous post here). Today I’m happy to announce the release of version 1.2! The following new features have been updated/added: Support for all regions (apart from US) along with associated currencies. Support for D-Series virtual machines. Export…


Azure RemoteApp

Are you interested in providing application access and presentation without the need to deploy hardware? Maybe an upgrade is in order to your existing Terminal Services environment and you’re looking for methods to reduce spend? Regardless of the motives, Microsoft Azure has a solution and it’s called Azure RemoteApp. Azure RemoteApp brings the functionality of…


Microsoft Azure (IaaS) Cost Estimator Tool

Until now, when evaluating datacenter compute resources and estimating costs in the cloud has been a challenge. Typically we’re looking at a physical or virtual machine configuration such as CPU size, memory, disk space and so on. However, there are other resources that are more difficult to estimate such as bandwidth usage, storage transactions, and…


Microsoft Azure Site Recovery – Replicating Hyper-V VMs to Microsoft Azure

Have you ever wished that you could take your virtual machines (VMs) and replicate them to a cloud service for disaster recovery purposes? Now you can with Microsoft Azure Site Recovery! Azure Site Recovery (ASR) provides the capability to replicate Hyper-V VMs directly to Azure for recovery purposes. There are two types of recovery that…


Microsoft Azure Automation

Automation within Microsoft Azure? Yes it’s real. Last week during the Microsoft Build conference Azure Automation was announced. Azure Automation allows you to do the following: Azure Automation allows you to automate the creation, deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of resources in your Azure environment using a highly scalable and reliable workflow execution engine. Orchestrate time-consuming…


Copying Virtual Machines to Windows Azure using System Center App Controller 2012 R2

When I hear the term “Hybrid Cloud” I think of a mesh of networking, compute, and storage resources located within the confines of a datacenter and spanning to commercially (publicly) available clouds such as Windows Azure. However, making the move to a commercial cloud requires trust, planning, and long-term financial commitment. On the technical front,…


Move VM’s between Hyper-V and Windows Azure

One of the benefits when working with Hyper-V and Windows Azure is the portability of Virtual Machines. For example when Virtual Machines are created in Windows Azure, you have the option to pull them down and run them on your Hyper-V servers or you have the option to push Hyper-V Virtual Machines to Windows Azure….


Create a self-signed certificate for use with Windows Azure using a Windows script.

If you’ve worked with Windows Azure you’ll know that a certificate is required to interface with Windows Azure from external tools such as PowerShell and Visual Studio. However management certificates are also required to interact with Windows Azure as well. For example, the solutions within System Center 2012 require a management certificate to manage or…