Azure DNS and Static IPs

I run a domain in Azure, meaning I have domain controllers and a lot of VMs joined to my domain. I run applications on those VMs such as System Center 2012 R2 components, SQL Server, customer web portals, Active Directory Federation Services, and so on. In any production environment I like to utilize static IPs…


Azure RemoteApp

Are you interested in providing application access and presentation without the need to deploy hardware? Maybe an upgrade is in order to your existing Terminal Services environment and you’re looking for methods to reduce spend? Regardless of the motives, Microsoft Azure has a solution and it’s called Azure RemoteApp. Azure RemoteApp brings the functionality of…


Back up an Azure VM using Microsoft Azure Automation

Backing up a virtual machine in any cloud can be cumbersome. However with Microsoft Azure Automation, backing up a virtual machine (VM) can be done in just a few easy steps and be scheduled to run when you need it to. Next I’ll walk through how to create an Azure Automation Runbook to back up…


Microsoft Azure Automation

Automation within Microsoft Azure? Yes it’s real. Last week during the Microsoft Build conference Azure Automation was announced. Azure Automation allows you to do the following: Azure Automation allows you to automate the creation, deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of resources in your Azure environment using a highly scalable and reliable workflow execution engine. Orchestrate time-consuming…


Move VM’s between Hyper-V and Windows Azure

One of the benefits when working with Hyper-V and Windows Azure is the portability of Virtual Machines. For example when Virtual Machines are created in Windows Azure, you have the option to pull them down and run them on your Hyper-V servers or you have the option to push Hyper-V Virtual Machines to Windows Azure….


Create a self-signed certificate for use with Windows Azure using a Windows script.

If you’ve worked with Windows Azure you’ll know that a certificate is required to interface with Windows Azure from external tools such as PowerShell and Visual Studio. However management certificates are also required to interact with Windows Azure as well. For example, the solutions within System Center 2012 require a management certificate to manage or…


Move your SQL Server Databases to Windows Azure SQL

Would you like to move SQL Server databases out of your datacenter and into a reliable, scalable, and secure solution? How about taking those databases that are rarely accessed or even idle and storing them somewhere else? Windows Azure SQL Database can help you with solve those issues and more! What is Windows Azure SQL…


Windows Azure Media Services and Web Sites

Have you ever wanted to publish videos or training material without having to deploy a new server or purchase a solution? With Windows Azure Media Services you can! First let’s briefly learn about what Windows Azure Media Services is: Media Services offer the flexibility, scalability and reliability of a cloud platform to handle high quality media…


System Center Virtual Machine Manager & Service Templates

Traditionally system administrators and engineers deploy virtual machines on a one off basis.  However the issue I have with this methodology is it takes too long to deploy and integrate the necessary tiers to host an entire application (or even an simple one). What if there was a way to connect, configure, and deploy all…