Could not create one or more attachments for item The operation has timed out


When attempting to run move-dominomailbox you may receive the following error:


WARNING: Could not create one or more attachments for item (Subject of the message (message.mail)) for the user
The message was migrated without attachments. This error might be due to configuration limitation on the server.
Error details: The operation has timed out
Please refer to help for the configuration changes needed



This error is typical when we time out trying to send the SOAP message over HTTP and timing out due to IIS's timeout setting.

1. First lets look at the size of the message we are migrating across on Domino.
2. Look at the web.config for the EWS virtual directory to see what the maxRequestLength is set to. This needs to be higher than the size of the message we are trying to push across.
3. Look at the timeout setting in IIS Manager for the Website that EWS falls under
     a. Open IIS Manager
     b. Right click/Properties of the Website EWS is under
     c. On the Web Site tab, adjust the Connection timeout from 120 seconds upwards depending on how large the message is and how long it takes to send via SOAP

Comments (2)

  1. says:

    Hi, Casey,

    Can you help with the following error of MS Transporter Suite using move-imapmailboxtoexchange cmdlet:

    "WARNING: Could not create message item (message subject)"

    I changed <httpRuntime maxRequestLength="30000"

    on ews’s web.comfig to no avail as I was getting limited the attachment size limit.

    I also changed the website’s timeout to 360 seconds from 120 seconds default value.

    Thank You,

    Mauro Rita

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