MMS 2009 Highlights

This is for the benefit of those that missed MMS this year:

Stuff you might have missed since the R2 release:

  • SCUP 4.5 released
    • Synchronization command line tool (SCUPSync.exe) which enables you to import and publish updates without using the Updates Publisher console interface.
    • Ability to publish updates as “metadata only”
    • Ability to configure proxy server credentials in the Updates Publisher console
  • Energy Star DCM Pack
    • Enter system standby/hibernate after 30 to 60 minutes inactive
    • Monitors enter sleep mode after 5 to 20 minutes inactive
    • Create a warning notification if screen savers are not disabled,
      or if the wait timeout period is more than the monitor sleep setting
  • Asset Intelligence sync certificate is now available to everyone
    • The certificate used to be available only to Software Assurance customers. That is no longer the case. If you need the certificate, just ask. The certificate will also be included in Configuration Manager SP2.

Documents released in the past 12 months:

  • Released the “Help Updater” – Easy to use MSI-based wizard that allows you to either replace the existing local help content with the updated version, or install the help independently of the Admin Console; expected as a quarterly release
  • Monthly continuous publishing – Allows us to respond to feedback and content update requests more quickly so that online content can be kept current; expected as a monthly update
  • Merged our blog with the new System Center Configuration Manager Team Blog
  • Released Configuration Manager Feature Quiz update in SilverLight – combines all previous quizzes, plus new quizzes to support features added in SP1 and R2 in a single downloadable application
  • Launched our Community Content feature on the Configuration Manager TechCenter Library (seeit) – Gives our customers the ability to comment directly on and annotate our library topics online

Documents releasing in the next 12 months:

  • We’ll be strategizing on a web-based help model in line with System Center architecture (with a non-connected solution as well)
  • We’ll be publishing a series of Superflows on Configuration Manager processes including:
    • Client Deployment Troubleshooting
    • OSD: PXE Deployment
    • Software Updates Configuration
    • Software Update Deployment
    • Software Updates Synchronization
    • SRS Report Models
    • Backup and Recovery
  • Send us your feedback and suggestions!

System Center and Mobile Devices

The device management functionality of Mobile Device Manager and Configuration Manager are merging into the next release of Configuration Manager.clip_image004[6]

Configuration Manager 2007 SP2

  • Schedule – beta in June, RTM 90 days post Win7
  • New stuff
    • Windows 7 Support
      • Windows 7, Windows Server 2k8 R2 supported as clients
      • All SCCM server roles fully supported on Server 2k8 R2
      • P2P support for Win7 (BranchCache)
        • Out of band BITS release post Win7 brings P2P to Vista, Server 2k8
      • USMT 4.0 support for OSD
    • Intel Active Management Technology (iAMT)
  • Smaller, but still important stuff
    • Update to Management Pack for 64-bit OS’s – SP2 will ship 64-bit perf counters
    • Remote control added in for (x64 XP and Sever 2003)
    • Multi-select and delete driver catalog drivers from the console
    • Better feedback on AD extension success / failure
  • Hotfix data
    • 36 QFE (hotfix) merges


  • Supports Intel vPro chipset and iAMT firmware versions 4 & 5
  • Feature Parity with SP1 and iAMT firmware versions 3.2.1, 4 & 5
  • New Features
    • Wireless profiles
      • Wireless profiles associated with all Intel® vPro™ clients in the site
      • Set the wireless information on a per-collection basis during provisioning.
    • 802.1x support - configuration of 802.1x settings on a per-collection basis during provisioning.
    • Audit Logs - Retrieve, store and clear the security audit log on a
      periodic basis
    • Power Package - Enable configuration of the power package settings with
      the core provisioning settings for the site.
    • 3rd party data storage - Enable SCCM to store specific information into the NVM data area for inventory or t-shooting.

Configuration Manager.Next

The next major release of Configuration Manager will be a 64-bit application. It will require Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008, both 64-bit editions.

  • Minimum System Requirements:
    • 64-bit Windows for all site servers and site roles except:
      • Branch DPs will run on client OS supported platforms
      • Win 2003 32-bit will be supported on file share only Standard DPs.
    • SQL 2008 – only 64-bit editions
    • Win 2008 64-bit (some may require 2k8 R2)
  • SQL Reporting Services is the ONLY reporting platform, Web Reports go away.
  • We’re heavily investing in SQL replication to move objects
  • Some other features
    • State-based DP Groups
    • Remote Control WITH CTRL-ALT-DEL
    • Sender functionality (for bandwidth management) at Distribution Points

System Center Roadmap


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