Get User Profiles and Last User that Logged on to Desktop Computers

Another Powershell script that helps with a migration. In this instance the requirement was for a way of understanding the accounts that had previously logged onto desktop systems and the credentials of the last logged on user, for either all desktop systems in a Domain\OU structure or all desktop systems listed in a text file….


Compare AD Object Direct Group Membership

Who can guess I am working on an AD migration project at the moment? And it presents an opportunity to cut my teeth further on Powershell scripting. Yes the AD Powershell scripts I have produced so far could have been done much easier if I had used the AD module provided with AD in Windows…


Copy AD User Profile Path etc between Domain User Objects

Here’s a weird one, you are migrating users from multiple domains to a single domain and your migration process\procedure had determined that the primary domain of a user was not what it actually is, so the settings (Profile Path, Home Drive\Directory, and Script Path) for the new user are for the wrong account. For various reasons…


Powershell Script to find if Domain Admins is a member of Computer Local Administrators

So here’s another script that I quickly knocked up. Basically, I was asked whether there was a way of finding out whether the Domain Admins group was a member of the Local Administrators group on a list of computers. Powershell to the rescue; I’m really getting into this Powershell Malarkey. It is rather rudimentary and could actually be…


Delete Stuff in AD

Once again another script to help one of my colleagues in need of a method of bulk deleting objects in AD taken from a list in CSV file. In this instance he need it for deletion of groups that they had determined as no longer useful. Bizarrely, this type of script did not exist when he…


Ever wanted to know what shares are on all your Servers

I have been scripting using VBScript for some time now, and only on occasion have I had the motivation and\or reason to write a script using Powershell, but I have decided in the last 9 months to make a concerted effort to utilise the Power of Powershell as my main scripting technology. In this time period…