Building a dashboard on top of a web API with Power BI and Azure – Part 3

In Part 1 of this series we connected to the driveBC API in Power BI Desktop and built a simple dashboard. In Part 2 we designed the architecture capable of storing the data over time. In Part 3 we are implementing implement the architecture. In the previous article, we defined our architecture as follow: We…

Power Query Use Case: Contact Management

Happy new year everyone! Of all the components of Power BI, Power Query was by far the one I was originally most skeptical about. How can an end-user be responsible for creating their own ETL when this process is usually so complex? After I started to play with the technology, I was really surprised that…


MVP Series: 7 Ways to Lose Your DBA Job

We are thrilled to have special guest authors from the Canadian MVP Award Program contributing posts.  For the next few weeks, we will be posting a different article from one of our Canadian SQL Server MVPs each week.  We hope you enjoy them, please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks to Karen Lopez for…


How to Analyze your Facebook Data with Power BI

Update 2015-07-30: Facebook changed their API a few months ago. It is now only possible to connect with Power Query to pages you own.  Power Query must be approved by the page owner, and once completed, the steps below can be followed. Update 2015-11-08: The diagram of the Microsoft BI platform has been updated following…


Facebook Data Analytics with Power BI

Can you analyze social network data in Excel? The answer might surprise you, but yes! The key is Power Query’s Facebook connector! Scenario Now let’s consider an actual scenario! Let’s do the analysis of Microsoft Canada’s Facebook page. The file is available for download below. First let’s look at the post trend Power View sheet….


Ebola Outbreak Analysis using Power BI

Hi everyone! This is my first blog post, so let me introduce myself. I’m Charles Verdon (@chverdon), Technology Solutions Professional for Data Platform and Business Intelligence at Microsoft for Eastern Canada. I’m passionate about data analytics and creating insights through visualizations. With all the news articles and general fear about Ebola, I wanted to better…


Free Power BI Training – Microsoft Virtual Academy Jump Start

Whether you're a power Excel user or you're just trying to make sense of ever-growing piles of data, we have a great day long, free online training session for you on Power BI for Office 365. This live, demo rich training will provide sessions covering key Power BI features and capabilities and help you learn…