18 Free SQL Server 2014, Azure and BI virtual labs

  Do you want to learn about SQL Server 2014, Azure SQL Databases, Corporate BI, and Power BI without the need of installing and configuring the installation bits?   We’ve just released 18 (eighteen) new virtual labs based on the integrated demo Virtual Machines with full step-by-step instructions.   All that you need to start…


Released new version of SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA)

    Microsoft released the latest SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) 6.0 for Oracle/Sybase/MySQL, and Microsoft Access. SSMA is a free tool that simplifies database migration process from Oracle/Sybase/MySQL and Microsoft Access to SQL Server and SQL Azure. SSMA automates all aspects of migration including migration assessment analysis, schema and SQL statement conversion, data migration…


SQL Server is the most popular database again

  We are proud to share the latest IDC findings*: SQL Server remains the most popular  database in Canada. 68% of businesses surveyed by IDC named SQL Server as their primary database. Please find the pervious survey results here. * IDC Canada, IT Advisory Panel Survey n3, 2013.


What is the most secure database?

What do you think the most secure database on the market is? According National Institute of Standards and Technology Comprehensive Vulnerability data* SQL Server has been the least vulnerable database 5 years in a row. Learn more about SQL Server 2012 security and compliance capabilities here. Now guess what the most popular database in Canada…


11 Free SQL Server 2012 Online Training Courses to Sharpen Your Skills

  Our friends at Microsoft Virtual Academy have a number of no-cost online training courses available, delivered by Microsoft experts across a broad range of subjects. We’ve pulled together the courses relevant to SQL Server 2012 and consolidated them for you below.  In total there are 11, count ‘em, 11 courses! The courses cover content…


Most popular database in Canada

Do you know what the most popular database in Canada is? More than 66% of Canadian organizations surveyed by IDC* in 2012 said SQL Server was the Primary database for their business.   The trend is interesting too:  Microsoft SQL Server popularity has been growing for the last years.   *IDC Survey,  Dec 2012 “Canadian…