Use MS PowerPoint to record a video of your presentation

Did you know that you can use PowerPoint to record a video of your presentations?


Presenter view (you can turn on/off your video and use markers):


Love this feature: You can redo the recording for specific slides when you are done!


Here is a step-by-step guide (thanks to Patrick Vuong for building it):

  1. Have your slides finished in PowerPoint
  2. To begin the recording: Go to File Export Create a Video.
  3. Select resolution required


  1. Hit the Drop down and select Record Timings and Narrations which will take you to a presenter view:
  • Check the Mic on the bottom right, click mute and then unmute to make sure it is working
  • Press “R” on your keyboard to start recording
  • Use your arrow keys to go to the next slide
  • Press “S” on your Keyboard to finish the recording


  1. Check after your recording that there is a Microphone at the bottom right of the corner (not visible if you recorded your video)


  1. Afterwards go back to Export Create a video, then make sure it is “ Use Recorded Timings and Narrations”.  Select resolution a create a video


The detailed instructions are here:

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