Missed Microsoft’s free workshops – “From RDBMS to NoSQL: A look at MySQL, PostgreSQL and Cosmos DB on Azure”?

The week of Jan 22nd, we hosted a workshop tour in five cities across Canada focused on database options on Azure, not including SQL. As you may notice from the event title, the workshop dug into providing an overview of use cases and scenarios, along with hands-on experience of working with the community editions of MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, fully managed by Azure. Additionally, for NoSQL fans, the workshop dove into leveraging existing investments you have made into OSS frameworks and languages with Azure Cosmos DB – a globally-distributed, multi-model database service that is schema-less and generally classified as a NoSQL database.

In this blog post, you’ll find links to self-paced labs, videos, documentation, trial options and a way to obtain assistance from Microsoft partners for complimentary assessment or proof of concept.

For either continued learning after attending the workshop, or because you missed the workshop, I recommend the following hands-on labs that you can do without an Azure subscription:

Prefer short videos for learning?

Check out these quick links:

Looking for some light night time reading?

Check out the following documentation including tutorials, quick starts for multi-model APIs, how-to guides and lots of other great information:

· Azure Cosmos DB documentation

· Azure Database for MySQL documentation

· Azure Database for PostgreSQL documentation

Trial by Fire?

And finally, if your preference is to roll-up your sleeves and just start building, start now by giving it a test drive on Azure:

For organizations looking for assistance from a Microsoft partner for their data and/or analytics projects, you may request a complimentary workshop, assessment of PoC at: http://aka/ms/data6offers

Thank you for your interest and we hope to continue to bring you more open source solutions on Azure!

Your Open Source on Azure Team at Microsoft Canada


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