Profisee Workshop for Master Data Management in Montreal

Are you struggling to get the single view of truth from your data?

Can you see and use a clean 360 view of customer for your business?

Did you know that Profisee offers the only product dedicated to enabling enterprise MDM with Microsoft technology?

Microsoft and Profisee invite you to attend a free Master Data Management workshop. Profisee, the original creator and most experienced practitioner of SQL Server Master Data Services in the world, delivers the first and only product in the market dedicated to enabling enterprise MDM with SQL Server MDS and Microsoft technologies.


Event Details

March 21, 2017
Workshop: 10:30am-3:30pm
Q&A: 3:30pm-4:00pm
Cocktail hour: 4:00pm-5:00pm

Microsoft Office
2000 McGill College Avenue
Suite 550
Montreal, QC, H3A 3H3

Data-savvy businesses often have two concerns; they worry about data quality and they worry about where the data is. With data so integral to so many parts of the business, a lack of quality control can have massive financial consequences. Their data may be perfectly correct, but with versions stored in multiple locations – and there is so much information across so many systems that it becomes hard to meaningfully bring it all together.

As a consequence, providing an accurate, reliable, single view of data – whether customer, product, employee, member, facility, or other data type – requires the ability to identify a Golden Record that is verified and maintained as the single “true” version of the data. With Master Data Maestro, Profisee provides easy to use, best-in-class Golden Record Management functionality: matching, de-duplication, mastering, and record harmonization are just a few of the powerful Maestro features that deliver a single, reliable view of data across the enterprise.

When tackling and managing hundreds, thousands or millions of customer or product records as part of an operational MDM system, Master Data Maestro for Microsoft SQL Server MDS ensures success with an accurate, consistent, single view of your data, through optimal Golden Record Management.


MDM Workshop Outline:

  • Understand what master data management is and how your existing investments in Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft technology can be leveraged.
  • See how business users can design and interact with master data, without needing heavy IT support.
  • Experience a “day-in-the-life” of mastering customer information – all through the eyes of a Business Analyst, a Data Steward, and IT.
  • See how you can create match, merge, and golden record strategies without any coding or custom scripting.
  • Understand how to build hierarchies for use in analytic and data warehouse applications.
  • Learn how the business can take control of data quality, including address cleansing for location and certified mailing globally, at a fraction of the per transaction costs most customers are under today.

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