Azure Day January 17 – Montreal Event

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Did you know that January 17th is Azure day in Canada? This post details the hands-on lab event for developers that will be held in Montreal. And the best part is that this training is free!

Target audience: data and application developers

Format: hands-on lab

Location: Microsoft office – 2000 McGill College #550, Montreal

Requirement: bring your own laptop (Remote Desktop capable)

Data - Cortana Intelligence DevOps
Capacity: 20 people Capacity: 60 people

Track: Internet of Things

Sold out!


Track: Open Source

Track: .NET



Track: Machine Learning

Sold out!


Track: Open Source

Track: .NET



Track: Machine Learning



Track: Open Source

Track: .NET


→ Register now and include the time block, session and track you want to attend

→ For AQIII members please register now using this link

→ If your preferred time is not available anymore do not hesitate to contact us and we can add you to the waiting list for our next workshop.

Thank you to our partners

A big thank you to Matricis, Exia, Emyode, FX Innovation and InCycle to help deliver these labs!

Cortana Intelligence – Internet of Things Lab

Objective: Enable users with the ability to customize Azure IoT Suite solutions and their integrated components. Users should be able to create a solution, add devices and manipulate rules and outputs. Finally, users will be shown how to integrate device data and outputs to see their use in line of business applications and workflows.

Audience: Database, data warehouse, and Business Intelligence practice leads and architects


  • Module 1: Overview of Microsoft Azure IoT Suite,
    Lab 1: Provision an IoT Suite solution and add devices.
  • Module 3: Advanced solutions and integration,
    Lab 3: Integrate device and alert data into business workflows.

Cortana Intelligence – Machine Learning Lab

Objective: Azure Machine Learning is a fully managed cloud service that enables you to easily build, deploy, and share predictive analytics solutions. In this one day event, Azure Machine Learning will teach users how to build their own experiments in Azure Machine Learning Studio and use the trained models available in the Azure Machine Learning Gallery, where APIs are already developed and ready for use for multiple scenarios such as Text Analytics.

Audience: Data practice lead, professional, developer practice lead and BI practice lead


  • Introduction to Cortana Intelligence Suite
  • Introduction to Machine Learning Studio
  • Deploying a Predictive Analytics Solution with Machine Learning

DevOps – Open Source



Parts Unlimited MRP is a fictional outsourced Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) application for training purposes based on the description in chapters 31-35 of The Phoenix Projectby Gene Kim, Kevin Behr and George Spafford. © 2013 IT Revolution Press LLC, Portland, OR. Resemblance to “Project Unicorn” in the novel is intentional; resemblance to any real company is purely coincidental.

The application uses entirely open source software including Linux, Java, Apache, and MongoDB which creates a web front end, an order service, and an integration service. Click here for the related Parts Unlimited Website application.

To read more about this project, please visit the documentation website.

You may watch a demo in Channel 9 that walks through many of the steps in the document.

Key Features

  • Front end service - runs Apache Tomcat and talks to order service
  • Order and Integration service - runs Java and calls MongoDB
  • Integration service - present to integrate with Parts Unlimited Website
  • Includes a Dockerfile and sample publishing profile to publish to a Docker container
  • Includes Azure RM JSON templates and PowerShell automation scripts to easily build and provision your environment


  • Continuous Integration - C.I
  • Continuous Deployment - C.D
  • Infrastructure as Code - IaC
  • Configuration Management - ConfMgnt


  • Microservices using Azure Container Service or Docker Swarm
  • Automated Security
  • Testing in production
  • A/B Testing

DevOps – .NET


Parts Unlimited is an example eCommerce website site based for training purposes on the website described in chapters 31-35 of The Phoenix Project, by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr and George Spafford, © 2013 IT Revolution Press LLC, Portland, OR. Resemblance to “Project Unicorn” in the novel is intentional; resemblance to any real company is purely coincidental.

PartsUnlimited will walk you through implementing DevOps practices using Visual Studio Team Services. It will also illustrate advanced scenarios such as implementing a recommandation system.

Click here for the related Parts Unlimited Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) application.It will show you how to use Visual Studio Team Services with a Java based application.

Learning paths

  • .NET Core
  • .NET 4.5

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