SQL Server 2016 hands-on workshop (Data Insight Immersion) sessions

Please find below the list of topics available in standard SQL Server 2016 Hands-On (Data Insight Immersion) environment.


High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Understand how to quickly and easily set up Always-On Availability groups to ensure your databases and customer-facing applications are always available. Technologies: AlwaysOn, Temporal Tables

Performance upgrades for OLTP and Data Warehousing

Utilize in-memory online transaction processing (OLTP), Query Store, Columnstore Indexes, and Operational Analytics to derive more value from your existing infrastructure. Technologies: In-memory OLTP, Query store, Columnstore Index, Non-clustered Columnstore Indexing, AMR tool, Compression Improvements,


Experience enterprise grade security with features that go well beyond just access control lists. Make your data secure with industry leading encryption and data masking techniques. Technologies: Row-level security, Dynamic Data Masking, Always Encrypted

SQL Server BI & Reporting for the Enterprise

The all new Reporting Services with enhanced visual controls and Mobile reporting capabilities. SSRS in SQL 2016 brings richer experiences to reports and dashboards wherever you consume them. Technologies: Server Management Studio, Reporting Services, Mobile Report Publisher

Advanced Analytics with SQL Server

Bring Advanced Analytics models into SQL Server to execute R models inside of SQL. Make them work with data from structured tables and unstructured Hadoop sources using Polybase. Technologies: Advanced Analytics, Polybase, Azure Blob Storage, Big Data

Data Platform Hybrid scenarios

Reduce your storage cost and improve availability by building hybrid solutions with Azure. Technologies: Stretch database, DR and Back up to Azure, Azure Data Warehouse

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