Get Ready for SQL Server 2016. Webcast for Canadian Partners

On June 1, 2016 Microsoft released a new version of SQL Server database. With SQL Server being the most popular database* in Canada, our partners have a tremendous opportunity to help customers to make sense of all their data and capture an advantage in the market

Join this webcast to learn about

  • SQL Server 2016 capabilities and new customer scenarios they address
  • Product licensing and pricing changes
  • Programs and resources available for customers and partners

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July 20, 2016. 2pm (EST)

August 24, 2016. 11am (EST) (French session)

Sept 14, 2016. 2pm (EST)


* IDC Canada, IT Advisory Panel Survey n3, 2015. Over 75% of Canadian organizations surveyed by IDC called SQL Server as the Primary database for their business.

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  1. Chris Wood says:

    Can we in Edmonton get you to advertise our SQL2016 Discovery Days? Information is at



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