Microsoft Big Data Hackathon Resources (Vancouver)

Data Set
Social and community housing:
Fraser River Basin Long-term Water Quality Monitoring
Surface water quality related to Alberta oil sands area
Also of interest – Adjusted daily rainfall and snowfall dataset for Canada
Water Discharge dataset from Water Survey of Canada’s Hydrometric Network
Fraser River buoy hour water quality monitoring dataset captured from 2007 to present   (program site is located here


Cultural / POI
ThinkData Works Data sets:
The site consolidates data from, Statistics Canada, Provincial Data sources, GoodLife Fitness, SpotCrime and others.  Here are the links to a few datasets of interest:
City of Vancouver Open Data Catalog:
British Columbia Open Data Catalog: 
Canadian Government Open Data Portal: 
Collection of Data sources:  
Finance, Economics and Society data:
You also can use Power Query to retrieve data from Facebook: please read article about it here
US/Canada Border Wait Times are available here
The data set is not large (around 1M records)  and In itself is not very interesting – as analysis is pretty much limited to location and time - but if mangled with other widely available data sets, could be a basis for relatively interesting exploratory and predictive analysis.
You  could integrate and correlate it with:
·         Weather data from nearby weather stations:
Using these data sets you could perform both historical analysis (including geo-spatial visualizations) and attempt to build a predictive model.
Trial versions and subscriptions
·         Office Professional Plus 2013 or Office 365 (we recommend to use Office 365 Pro Plus version)
·         Excel Add-ons: Power Map, Power Query
·         Azure ML Trial
Online trainings

·         Getting Started with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

·         Faster Insights to Data with Power BI Jump Start

·         Implementing Big Data Analysis

·         Big Data Analytics

Other resources
·         Custom Maps in Power MAP (Custom Maps work in Office 365 Pro Plus only)
Event Presentations  

·        Building an Active Mix model in Azure ML
·        HDInsight Excel
·    Power BI


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