Microsoft Tools to Tackle Ebola, Updated Ebola Analytics File

Microsoft Tools

My earlier article highlighting how Power BI can be used to analyze WHO ebola data generated a lot of interest. To follow-up on this topic, I’m writing today about the announcement made by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella regarding tools we make available to help fight ebola.

He announced that qualified medical researchers would be able to access free cloud-computing and research applications. Specifically, it is Microsoft Azure’s computing power that is made available and this processing capacity can be used in medical research for medicine and vaccine research.

"In addition we have some tools that Microsoft researchers built to be able to do vaccine discovery, so we want to take all of that and make it available for the research community," said Nadella.

More details can be found on Microsoft Research to fill a request and submit it. To qualify for the awards program, applicants must be affiliated with an academic institution. In addition to individual investigator projects, MSR is interested in projects that will support access to services and data of value to researchers and healthcare workers focused on the Ebola crisis. This is an open call for proposals with ongoing reviews with no deadline at this point.

Updated Ebola Analytics File

Since the last post the situation evolved with new cases in America and in Spain:

What would happen if it there was a case in Canada? has a very interesting article that details what our health care system’s response would be.

You can find the Excel file of the analysis below. For future updates and other news related to Microsoft’s Data Platform and Analytics follow me on Twitter!


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