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9/2/2014, 11:00am ET
Instructor: Michael Reed
In this hour I will discuss scenarios for applying analytics to business decision making with a focus on determining the questions to ask of your data, the problems it can solve, and the value it can bring to your enterprise. This is part three in a three part series which has taken you from setting up your environment to basic analytics to applying analytics to business decision making.
9/4/2014, 11:00am ET
Instructor: Devin Knight
Power BI Q&A is one of the hottest new BI features that allow users the ability to interrogate data. Users can now interact with their data just like they would with a typical search engine (Bing, Google, etc…). This new functionality is amazing but it gets better. You can now enhance the way Q&A returns results based on the way your users really ask questions. This can be done through the features called Phrasing and Synonyms, which this session is devoted to helping you understand.
9/9/2014, 11:00am ET
Instructor: Mark Vaillancourt
Despite some overlapping concepts, the worlds of the Relational engine and Analysis Services really are quite different. With more and more organizations realizing the power of Analytics, there is a good chance a BI initiative will come your way at some point. This session is intended for the DBA that wants/needs to learn more about SQL Server Analysis Services. The goal is to provide a meaningful base of knowledge that will allow you to effectively participate in discussions of Analysis Services in your organization.
9/11/2014, 11:00am ET
Instructor: Brian Knight
Learn how to make BI really work for you with Power Query in Excel. In this session, you’ll see how to make business intelligence truly actionable for your end users by mashing data together that might seem unrelated at first. You’ll find out how to use the Power Query platform to take data from tables in websites and mash it with data in proper relational databases. Then, see how to present the data to end users with Power BI
9/16//2014, 11:00am ET
Instructor: Tyrone Brown

In my previous SSIS performance webinar I covered some of the basic SSIS performance tuning topics (Source and destination settings, blocking and non-blocking transformations and buffer sizes). In this session I will cover some of the more advanced performance tuning topics that often get over looked or ignored. This session is intended for intermediate or advanced users of SSIS.

Big Data Tools
9/18/2014, 11:00am ET
Instructor: Josh Luedeman
Congratulations. You've setup your Big Data environment with all the fun toys. You have Pig, Sqoop, and Hive all on your Hadoop cluster. You even got your data flowing in there properly. Now what? In this session we're gonna go over Data Mining tools to help you gain some insight from your data. Then, to bring it all together, we'll go over some easy ways to use common tools to show off all of this Big Data of yours, using tools that most have access to.
Navigating Hierarchies with MDX
9/23/2014, 11:00am ET
Instructor: Dustin Ryan
One of the great strengths of SQL Server Analysis Services is the ability to create hierarchies by defining relationships between attribute fields. In this webinar, we’ll take a look at how we can fully leverage our SSAS hierarchies in our MDX queries and calculated measures using navigational functions such as PARENT, DESCENDANTS, PARALLELPERIOD, and many more!
SSRS Subscriptions & Data Alerts
9/25/2014, 11:00am ET
Instructor: Bradley Schacht
SQL Server Reporting Services is a powerful and highly customizable tools in the Microsoft BI stack but users don’t have to visit a web page to view reports. Subscriptions are an amazing feature often overlooked and under-utilized in SSRS. In this session Bradley will guide you through setting up subscriptions, data-driven subscriptions and the new data alerts available starting in SQL Server 2012. In addition to demonstrating how to automate delivery of SSRS reports you will learn how to use a subscription to pre-cache reports so performance is at its best when your users log on first thing in the morning! This is a session you can take back and use immediately in your environment!
Introduction to Hadoop
9/30/2014, 11:00am ET
Instructor: Ginger Grant
Everywhere you turn in the technological literature people are talking and writing about Big Data. In this presentation you will learn about the origins of Hadoop, and how it is implemented today. In addition to the most infamous way of retrieving data from Hadoop, Map Reduce, other tools for accessing the data will be discussed.
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