Ottawa SQL Server 2014 Day May 9th

Microsoft in collaboration with SQLTeach is having a full day of presentation on SQL Server 2014. We will be presenting 5 sessions on different feature of SQL Server 2014. Join us for this free workshop day in Microsoft Office. See the presented sessions below.

 Date: Friday May 9th
Location: 100 Queen 5th floor, Ottawa , ON
Time: 8:00am to 5:00pm

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 Introduction to SQL Server 2014
Frank Wiemer - SQL383

SQL Server 2014 released to manufacturing on March 18th. Come to this session to learn more about this new major release of SQL Server. We’ll introduce the key enhancements Microsoft is delivering to enable Mission Critical Performance, a Platform for Hybrid Cloud, and Faster Insights from Any Data. This session will also drill into key new features such as the Clustered ColumnStore Index, Resource Governor for physical IO control, SSD Buffer Pool Extension, AlwaysOn enhancements, and lots more.


 Iintroduction to SQL Server 2014 with Windows Azure platform
Jean-René Roy - SQL255
Evaluating your options with SQL Server 2014 and Windows Azure

SQL Server 2014 is providing many new capabilities which open the door to new scenario for your data platform. This session will show all the new features that let you have your data in hybrid mode on the Windows Azure platform. See how it easy to migrate and run SQL Server in the cloud to gain benefits of the cloud computing.


 An Overview of Microsoft’s SQL Server In-Memory OLTP
Warner Chaves - SQL262

An Overview of Microsoft’s SQL Server In-Memory OLTP In this overview session, we discuss the user scenarios and the hardware trends such as decreasing memory cost, many-core processors, and stalling CPU clock rate that prompted the key architectural pillars of memory optimization, no lock/latch concurrency control, and native compilation. We also cover how In-Memory OLTP is integrated into SQL Server.

12:30 - Lunch (Pizza) Sponsor by Pythian


 SQL Server 2014 Faster Insights from Any Data (Power BI)
Stéphane Frechette - SQL242

SQL Server 2014’s mission is to deliver for our customers mission critical performance for the most demanding database applications, hitting on all aspects of mission critical criteria from performance to security, scalability and high availability along with the mission critical support.

When it comes to business intelligence the mission is to deliver faster insights into any data big data, small data, all data and most importantly deliver BI in a consumable manner for business users through familiar tools.


 On the move with Big Data - SSIS, Pig and Sqoop
Stéphane Frechette - SQL272

How is Big Data moved around? How are you planning to move it? This session will focus on familiar and not so similar tools you can use today for moving and integrating Big Data. We will compare and outline all options, discuss how they can work with your existing Hadoop and Windows Azure environment, and provide some guidance on when and how to use each of these tools.

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