SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 End of Support Reminder

  • SQL Server 2000. About six month ago on April 9‚ 2013 Extended Support for SQL Server 2000 came to an end. Microsoft no longer provides assisted support‚ security updates or hotfixes for SQL Server 2000 unless a custom support agreement is in place.

  •  SQL Server 2005. On April 12‚ 2011‚ SQL Server 2005 transitioned from Mainstream Support to Extended Support. Extended Support includes paid support‚ security updates‚ and paid hotfix support. Extended Support for SQL Server 2005 will come to an end on April 12, 2016.

What Are Your Options?

  • Run SQL Server 2000 unsupported with access to Self-Help Online Support only (not recommended) or incur the cost of a potential custom support agreement.
  • Remain on SQL Server 2005 with Extended Support‚ receive security updates‚ and open paid support incidents to receive support.
  • Upgrade to a fully supported version of SQL Server.

  Why Upgrade?

  • Using unsupported software can present potential security‚ support‚ and business risks.
  • Running a fully supported version of SQL Server can help you improve the availability and performance of your application platform and save money. According to a Forrester study*‚ upgrading to SQL Server 2012 can deliver an anticipated ROI of between 149% and 189% with a projected 12 to 13 month payback period*.

Next steps

  1. Identify old SQL Server installations in your infrastructure using the Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) toolkit. Get recommendations for SQL Server consolidation and virtualization planning.
  2. Get familiar with the new SQL Server 2012 SP1 which provides new functionality‚ significant availability and performance improvements‚ and impressive BI capabilities. A detailed comparison of SQL Server 2012 to previous SQL Server versions can be found here.
  3. Plan your upgrade. Use free** SQL Server Deployment planning Services if you have Software Assurance benefits.


*Total Economic Impact Of SQL Server 2012 Upgrade‚ a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Microsoft‚ March 2012

**SQL Server Deployment Planning Services is a Software Assurance benefit. Please find more information about SQL DPS services at www.aka.ms/DeploySQL.


Key resources to help evaluate SQL Server 2012 and plan your upgrade 

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