Power Map Preview is now available on Download Center

Great news from the Power Map team.

We are super excited to announce that Power Map Preview, our final v1 preview, was just posted on Download Center. New in this release are Region Chart type, Flat Map and the ability to create videos from your Power Map tours as wells as many more features that significantly improve the end user experience.
The Preview supports English, Japanese, Spanish and Arabic versions of Office Pro Plus 2013.

Please install Power Map today and tell your friends and family. 

More info about the Power BI offerings and Power Map is here

NOTE: Power Map requires Office 2013 Pro Plus. The absolute best way to try Power Map is to subscribe to Office 365 Pro Plus.

Below are some screen shots from tours
made with the Power Map Preview.






US Elections results by county



Natural disasters in the US over several decades.


Top producers of oil, worldwide






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