Augmenting Image Metadata with Cognitive Services

Hello Folks, This week, the team from Microsoft Canada has partnered with 4 startup teams at Communitech, an industry-led Waterloo Ontario based innovation centre that supports and fosters a community of nearly 1,000 tech companies, to incorporate Microsoft Cognitive Services into their offerings. While I am unfortunately unable to be there, I wanted to share…


DevOps Basics: Harnessing Continuous Integration and Infrastructure As Code

Hello folks, A little while ago, Vancouver based start-up Roomsy and Microsoft collaborated in a Hackfest to explore how Azure Web App services and DevOps best practices could address their needs. Roomsy is a cloud-based Property Management System. It provides its customer a platform to manage their rental property, take reservations that are created through…


Understanding Azure Managed Disks

Hello Folks, Lately I’ve had a lot of questions about this new item in the Azure portal. Namely managed disks that became generally available on February 8, 2017. Azure Managed Disks is a way to simplifies disk management for VMs by managing the storage accounts associated with the VM disks. You only need to specify…


Step-by-Step: Setup Multiple Public IPs on a VM in Azure

Hello Folks, I’m currently working with a customer who’s migrating some workloads to Azure.  Servers in Azure that will host their web sites will be hosting several sites per servers.  For this deployment, the customer needed to have multiple public IP addresses assigned to each server.  So, we started looking at what we could do….


Step-by-Step: Enable Network Monitoring in Azure.

Hello folks, When building network infrastructures in the cloud live VNets, ExpressRoute, Application Gateways, Load balancers, and more… You need tools and processes to monitor and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. We have just released two of those tools to the preview program. Network Watcher – Provides scenario-based monitoring including packet capture, next hop,…


Step-by-Step: Azure Storage Encryption at Rest

Hello Folks, Ever since I started covering Azure I always get asked about encryption. How do I keep data from prying eyes? How do I ensure that the data is ALWAYS encrypted? Encryption at rest was not an option before, but now it is…. Azure Storage Service Encryption (SSE) for Data at Rest allows you…


Cloud4Good: Setting up Infrastructure as code on behalf of Missing Children Society of Canada

Hello Folks, I don’t normally write posts about specific references to customers. It’s normally something like “I was working with a customer when…” but this time I wanted to highlight some learnings regarding a specific project we took on with the Missing Children Society of Canada. We recently had a Hackfest with them, the City…


Cloud4Good: How Azure helps speed up the search for Canada’s missing children

With so many stories focused on the business benefits of the cloud, we can easily overlook some of the most important and dramatic new social applications of emerging technology. And what could matter more than finding missing kids? Per the Missing Children Society of Canada in 2016 alone, a staggering 45,000 children went missing in…


Step-by-Step: Manage all your servers from anywhere, on any browser, for free

Hello folks, I keep having a conversation with IT professionals about managing Windows Servers and my preference for Core and now Nano servers where it makes sense.  I’ve always preferred remote management to having to login to every servers by RDP or directly to the box.  And now, there is a way to start managing…


Nano Server Image Builder

Hello folks, I was looking at some questions i got in my last user group sessions where we were discussing Microsoft Windows Server 2016.  i was going to answer one of them in this post. “how do you hardcode an IP address in Nano server?”. BUT,  i decided at the last minutes to switch my…