Understanding Windows Server 2012 R2 Licensing

Microsoft introduced Windows Server 2012 R2 as the “Gateway to the Cloud.” Allowing organizations to optimize performance for important workloads, Windows Server 2012 R2 also helps to protect against service outages with robust recovery options. It provides reduced complexity and cost with comprehensive automation plus storage and networking virtualization solutions based on industry-standard hardware. It…


Activation Headaches: Here is your aspirin!

There are three concepts in Microsoft licensing that people often mistake for a single entity, when in fact the three are connected but very separate.  They are: Licensing Activation Product Keys Because the three are so tied together it is easy to get yourself in trouble if you do not take the time to understand…


Windows Server simplified

My colleague Damir has written about this topic before on this blog, but I thought it warranted another post so here it is. You see, with past iterations of the Microsoft Windows Server operating system, there were always a number of things to contemplate before selecting which version to purchase – workload, growth potential, features…


Windows Server 2012 Editions & Licensing

Today, we announced which Windows Server 2012 editions will be available and the pricing for each – at least US pricing at for now.  I was going to do a big blog post on it, but someone else already put together a great one, so why re-invent the wheel.  In short, there are 4 editions…


Become a Licensing Expert

Licensing.  It’s the topic that we all love to hate, or to ignore at any rate.  Based on the feedback we get through GRS (the Global Relationship Study) Survey that we send out twice a year, Licensing is a major pain point for many of you.  We hear you loud and clear and we’re doing more…


Get Ready for Windows 8 & Windows Server 2012 with MAP 7.0 Beta

Last week we released a beta version of Microsoft Assessment & Planning (MAP) Toolkit 7.0.  The MAP Toolkit,  a free download, is an agentless, automated, multi-product planning and assessment tool for quicker and easier desktop, server and cloud migrations. MAP provides detailed readiness assessment reports and executive proposals with extensive hardware and software information, and…


Microsoft Private Cloud part 2: unlimited virtualization rights

A new whitepaper was released in January comparing private cloud solutions from Microsoft and VMware, taking a look at the functionality, benefits and economics of each solution. This series of blog posts breaks down the components of the whitepaper into consumable chunks and I’ve added my own commentary. Read the entire series >> Licensing rights…


Licensing software in the cloud

A girlfriend of mine called me up this weekend looking for a DVD copy of an older piece of software. She was rebuilding a computer for a family member who had the product key but no installation media. I’m sure many of you have similar stories trying to fix or repair computers for your family…


Back to the basics with Microsoft software licensing options

My colleagues and I get asked a lot about licensing. Frankly, Microsoft doesn’t have a great reputation for keeping it simple. And to be totally transparent – I, like many of my colleagues, would usually rather stick a fork in my eye that talk about it because it can get complicated. And confusing. And just…ugh….