My TechNet Q&A from Winnipeg

The My TechNet Security tour is officially underway with the first stop in Winnipeg complete.  As you are aware if you’ve ever attended an event we always have time for Q&A at the end of the day and there were a lot of good questions.  All were answered but I did promise some resources with…


It Is That Time Again

I was catching up on my RSS reading and noticed a post by my fellow IT Pro Advisor, Ruth Morton, on the Canadian IT Managers blog.  It seems that the time is nearing, time for another round of DST “fun”.  She posted some great links which I’ll share here… Key Dates: September 30th, 2007 –…


SBS 2003 and Vista

So you’ve got your hands on Vista, installed it and then tried to add the Vista PC to the SBS domain.  Doesn’t work very well does it?  Well the SBS team has been hard at work and there is a fix now!  Previously you would have to manually join the Vista PC to the SBS…


VHD Library Now Online

A lot of you have been asking for pre-configured VHDs so that you can test some of the latest Microsoft technologies.  We get tons of requests for the VHDs we use when we are on tour, but due to licensing issues (i.e. the Core I|O VHDs were built with my personal TechNet keys) we can’t…


Infrastructure Optimization Tour ’06 Landing page is live!

In case you didn’t catch my hints in this July blogpost, the first TechNet national tour is around Infrastructure Optimization and supporting Branch Office solutions. The landing page went live yesterday – you can see it here if you like. I am rather excited – as the first tour is always fun to get underway….


Mobile 5 devices, locally issued cert, .local dns domain with SBS 2003

I got an email from Kenrick Robertson a week or so ago about problems he’s been having trying to get Active Sync working with his new Mobile 5 device and his companies Small Business Server 2003. I knew the problems related to the self signed cert pointing to the common name (fully qualified) of a…


TNX: TechNet Exchange Q&A – ISA and ActiveSync with Two or More Domains

An interesting question came in today that I wanted to share with everyone: Hi, I’m having trouble finding a document that explains the design issues around ActiveSync.  I’m looking at providing ActiveSync capability to domain 2 with the ISA server located in domain 1. Is that possible? The short answer to this is yes.  In…