What is Microsoft Virtual Academy?

IT professionals are, for the most part, driven to best use technology to enable people from within the organization they support.  To do so, system administrators, Infrastructure Specialists, Solutions Architects, etc, must keep their knowledge of IT best practices, solutions and tools current to ensure best efforts are always put forward to further enable organizations….


TechNet Virtual Labs: Assisting in Advancing Your IT Expertise and Career

Many of you may have recently attended a CANITPRO camp presided by Pierre Roman or I recently at a Canadian city near you.  Those who attend have very exuberant as to what they have absorbed in terms of hands on labs and material presented.  Many return to the organizations they represent and have implemented strategies or…


Summer is approaching, don’t just plan to work on your tan.

I love this time of year. The days are getting longer, warmer and the deck is calling my name. (these are my feet….) At my house, summer months are very busy.  The kids are home, my wife is at home (she’s a teacher) so I tend to hide in my office with the door shut…


Step-by-Step: Enabling Data Deduplication on Windows Server 2012 Volumes

Hello folks, A new feature of Windows Server 2012 called Storage Spaces is designed to change the storage task for enterprises by providing an in-box storage virtualization that can use low-cost commodity storage devices. We’ve covered Storage Spaces a few time already: Storage Pools… Dive right in! Windows Server 2012 IT Camp – Lab #3…


The Top 5 Learning Resources to Brush Up on Your Skills This Summer

Summer is a great time of year.  The weather is nice, the sun shines, there’s no snow to shovel or try to drive through.  It’s also a time of year when the traffic on the roads gets a little lighter and the office is a less busy.  You might even get the chance to leave…


Microsoft Private Cloud Guided Labs Now Available

The cavalcade of virtual hands-on labs just keeps on going!  Not only can you try out the features and capabilities of Windows Server “8” beta (now Windows Server 2012) as I blogged about this morning, we have also just released a series of 14 guided labs to allow you to get you familiar with Microsoft’s…


Monthly Online learning opportunity listing

Hello folks, This is my compilation of some of the online resource available to you in April 2012. This list featuring both live and on-demand content including webcasts, videos, virtual labs, and podcasts by product and topic. this is not the WHOLE list of the available content. but these are the ones i thought were…


Flight Delays, Lounges & Continuous Learning

I write this while sitting in an Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge in Winnipeg waiting for my flight to Calgary for Prairie IT & DevCon West (March 13-16, 2012 at the Telus Convention Center).  I had actually planned to write this later tonight but because the we had to wait for our pilots on my…


Free Learning Resources for Microsoft Virtualization & Private Cloud

In the last little while as we have started to deliver the IT Virtualization Boot Camps as well as go out to various user groups and talk about the Microsoft Virtualization and Private Cloud offerings, I have often been asked where IT Pros can find resources to learn about how our products work, especially by…


What was I thinking???

Hello folks, Today my daughters helped me realize something.  they convinced me to stop watching videos and reading “howto” articles and actually strap on the snowboard and go to the hills with them. You see…  I’ve been contemplating learning to Snowboard. I went out I bought a board, boots, a helmet, the whole kit and…