Summer is approaching, don’t just plan to work on your tan.

I love this time of year. The days are getting longer, warmer and the deck is calling my name. (these are my feet….) At my house, summer months are very busy.  The kids are home, my wife is at home (she’s a teacher) so I tend to hide in my office with the door shut…


MCSE is Back–and Better Than Ever!!

I remember getting my first MCSE certification in the mid-1990s and feeling really proud of the accomplishment.  Many of my peers at that time also pursuing an MCSE felt that it was a certification that would increase their likelihood to get hired over a candidate that did not hold the certification.  Things were good and…


Free Learning Resources for Microsoft Virtualization & Private Cloud

In the last little while as we have started to deliver the IT Virtualization Boot Camps as well as go out to various user groups and talk about the Microsoft Virtualization and Private Cloud offerings, I have often been asked where IT Pros can find resources to learn about how our products work, especially by…


What was I thinking???

Hello folks, Today my daughters helped me realize something.  they convinced me to stop watching videos and reading “howto” articles and actually strap on the snowboard and go to the hills with them. You see…  I’ve been contemplating learning to Snowboard. I went out I bought a board, boots, a helmet, the whole kit and…


Resources for Retention

You can attend all the conferences, seminars, and training courses that you want, but just watching and listening will only allow you to retain about 10% of the information given to you. A measly 10%. That’s a pretty low return on your investment. Luckily, we’ve designed TechDays to help participants remember and recall a whole…


We’re growing… And we need you!

As many of you know I work for Microsoft Enterprise Services as a Senior Technical Account Manager.  I’ve been here for 6 years and I constantly get the question “what is it like to work for Microsoft?”. I always answer the same thing.  “it’s fantastic!”. You get to work with really smart, interesting people, on challenging engagements….


Real World Azure: An Overview of Cloud Computing

The other day Rick posted an entry on cloud computing and asked “As IT Pros who save the world every day at work – what do you think about all this “cloud” stuff?”  It led to a lot of comments and questions. Our colleagues over at TechNet Edge have started to answer the questions around…


“What have you been up to lately? How’s the IT department?” Ignite your Career – Episode 3

Picture yourself walking into an elevator and having a senior executive standing in there. After the pleasant head nod, you press your floor button and stand to the side. After the doors close – the executive finally recognizes you and remembers you’re in IT. Because it’s a long ride up – she asks you a… Job Fair

Are you a Microsoft professional looking for a better career opportunity or to expand your skills? MSEmploy Canada ( ) – Canada’s only job and training portal serving the Microsoft community – is conducting a Career Fair at the Microsoft Canada Mississauga office. When: May 6, 2009, 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. Where: Microsoft Canada…


TechDays TechNet Subscription Offer

So you were at TechDays and you went home with your 6 month subscription to TechNet Plus and wonder what else there is besides software you can download?  How about some free virtualization training and some free exam vouchers?  You see there is a lot more to TechNet than just software you can download for…