Step-By-Step: Displaying info regarding previous logons on Windows 10

The Consumer Electronics Show has always been a blur of innovative device launches from a multitude of manufactures. CES 2017 has been no different other than an increase of devices running Windows 10. This comes as no surprise as many device manufactures plan to highlight their designs by complementing them with the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update…


Cloud4Good: Cloning, Compiling and Deploying the Child Finder Xamarin Mobile App

Back in October RedBit had an opportunity to participate in a weekend hack to try and leverage technology to find missing children. It was a collaboration with Missing Children Society of Canada, City of Calgary, Calgary Police Service, Microsoft and RedBit. This article will focus on how to get the Xamarin project up and running…


Cloud4Good: Extracting Data from the Twitter API through Azure Functions

Azure Functions has quickly become one of my favorite technologies  in Azure. I find myself working a wide range of projects; with many of them being proof of concepts or hack-a-thons. With these formats, I am always looking for the fastest ways to develop the critical pieces of the software. For the Missing Children Society…


Cloud4Good: Setting up Infrastructure as code on behalf of Missing Children Society of Canada

Hello Folks, I don’t normally write posts about specific references to customers. It’s normally something like “I was working with a customer when…” but this time I wanted to highlight some learnings regarding a specific project we took on with the Missing Children Society of Canada. We recently had a Hackfest with them, the City…


Cloud4Good: How Azure helps speed up the search for Canada’s missing children

Missing Children Society of Canada Child Finder
Missing Children Society of Canada Child Finder

With so many stories focused on the business benefits of the cloud, we can easily overlook some of the most important and dramatic new social applications of emerging technology. And what could matter more than finding missing kids? Per the Missing Children Society of Canada in 2016 alone, a staggering 45,000 children went missing in…


Step-By-Step: Creating an Organizational Unit in an Azure AD Domain Service Managed Domain

Organizational units (OU) in Active Directory are containers where users, computers, groups and other organization units are placed. These containers help create Active Directory’s logical structure and can be used to assign group policies & manage the resources.  This is common procedure in in-house domain environment. The same strategy can also be enabled in Azure Managed Domains with however, some limitations….

Step-by-Step: Manage all your servers from anywhere, on any browser, for free

Hello folks, I keep having a conversation with IT professionals about managing Windows Servers and my preference for Core and now Nano servers where it makes sense.  I’ve always preferred remote management to having to login to every servers by RDP or directly to the box.  And now, there is a way to start managing…


PowerShell Basics: Retrieve All The Security Patches Installed On A Server Since A Specific Date

I recently needed to acquire a list of all the security patches installed on a group of servers within the last year. I discovered that there is a WMI class for this which makes it super easy to retrieve this info. get-wmiobject win32_quickfixengineering -ComputerName $CompName | ? { $_.InstalledOn -gt (get-date).addyears(-1) } Within the win32_quickfixengineering class, you’ll find all the…

Step-By-Step: Enabling Custom Domain Names in Azure via PowerShell

Simplicity of domain name assignment are sometimes just as important as the content the site showcases. When creating a site on Azure however, the site is assigned as a subdomain of The result is said site having a URL such as instead of  This post will help address this by detailing steps on…


Nano Server Image Builder

Hello folks, I was looking at some questions i got in my last user group sessions where we were discussing Microsoft Windows Server 2016.  i was going to answer one of them in this post. “how do you hardcode an IP address in Nano server?”. BUT,  i decided at the last minutes to switch my…