Hey Vancouver IT Pros!!! IT Virtualization Boot Camps Are Coming to Your City Feb 10 & 11!!

Wow!  When we announced the IT Virtualization Boot Camps in the TechNet eNewsletter last week, the response from you has been overwhelming.  Many of you emailed me saying you wanted an IT Virtualization Boot Camp in your city.  The folks on the West Coast, were especially vocal.  Well, I am happy to announce that we…


“The SQL Guy” Post # 13: Changes to Location of Startup Options in SQL Server 2012

Many users have hated the way SQL Server supported configuring startup parameters in previous versions. It was confusing and buried in a single text box under the Advanced Tab of SQL Server services in Configuration Manager. The only way you could separate different options is by using a semicolon(;) between the options.   With the…


Licensing software in the cloud

A girlfriend of mine called me up this weekend looking for a DVD copy of an older piece of software. She was rebuilding a computer for a family member who had the product key but no installation media. I’m sure many of you have similar stories trying to fix or repair computers for your family…


Microsoft Online learning opportunities: February 2012

Hello folks, This is my compilation of some of the online resource available to you in February 2012. This list featuring both live and on-demand content including webcasts, videos, virtual labs, and podcasts by product and topic. this is not the WHOLE list of the available content. but these are the ones i thought were…


“The SQL Guy” Post # 12: Understanding Data Hashing Techniques in SQL Server

I don’t often deal a lot with the business intelligence side of SQL Server preferring to spend most of my time on the relational side of the house.  However, once in a while topics about optimizing a data warehouse or helping to secure BI data peak my interest.  I ran across this article by Don…


Important Webcast Tomorrow: Learn About Exciting Developments in Microsoft’s Private Cloud Strategy

Tomorrow (January 17th) at 8:30am PST / 11:30am EST there is a really important webcast featuring Satya Nadella, the President of Microsoft’s Server and Tools Business.  If you are interested in hearing developments about Microsoft’s Private Cloud strategy including the System Center product line, Hyper-V, and Windows Server, you need to register for the webcast. …


Get Hands-On With Microsoft Virtualization & Help Your Local User Group

As our team looks to provide valuable content to you to help you grow in your career and acquire new skills, I am often asked if we can put on more hands-on events where you get a chance to play with the technology.  At TechDays 2011 this year we offered hands-on labs for the very…


“The SQL Guy” Post # 11: SQL Server’s Black Box Can Be Very Helpful

Ever wanted to find out what was happening when SQL Server crashed? Your investigation should also include reviewing the SQL Server activities much like what profiler would do. SQL Server 2005 (including 2008, 2008R2 and the upcoming 2012) come with a default trace enabled out of the box. This trace keeps track of configuration changes,…


Back to the basics with Microsoft software licensing options

My colleagues and I get asked a lot about licensing. Frankly, Microsoft doesn’t have a great reputation for keeping it simple. And to be totally transparent – I, like many of my colleagues, would usually rather stick a fork in my eye that talk about it because it can get complicated. And confusing. And just…ugh….


“The SQL Guy” Post # 10: INSERT Multiple Rows with Table Value Constructor

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to insert multiple rows of data using one Insert statement? Every time you create a table and have to insert rows manually, you will need to repeat “Insert Into <Tables> values..”   SQL Server 2008 and up provide the ability to insert multiple rows of data through…