I’m flying out to Toronto for barCampEarthToronto – are you going?

I don’t know if you’ve heard of barcamps before – you might want to check them out. I am helping out at the Toronto event taking place this weekend as I will have internal meetings the following week.  I think the concept is VERY cool. Barcamps are billed as “un-conference”… Get a location. Get a whiteboard with…


Infrastructure Optimization Tour ’06 Landing page is live!

In case you didn’t catch my hints in this July blogpost, the first TechNet national tour is around Infrastructure Optimization and supporting Branch Office solutions. The landing page went live yesterday – you can see it here if you like. I am rather excited – as the first tour is always fun to get underway….


Desktop Lockdown resources for Windows XP and Active Directory

I talked with Mike Holder from CMS Consulting waaaaaaaay back in the early summer about the TechNet event held in Toronto around Desktop Lockdown.  In case you weren’t at the event, but wanted some additional resources that are great references, he passed me on this brief blog posting.  Better late then never. 🙂 ———-Hello! My…


If you maintain a Blog – Windows Live Writer is worth a Download!

As part of maintaining this and other blogs – offline blogging software is a must. I was previously using an internal build of Windows Live Writer when I recently switched production laptops instead of using my tried and true BlogJet blogging software. I figured – “Hey – why not? A fresh install of Vista deserves…


IT Lounge in Charlottetown – PEI – Thursday Aug 3rd.

The concept of IT Lounge was introduced to me while visiting Winnipeg last year.  Get some IT Pro Geeks together for conversation over pints. I thought I would take a little time while on vacation down East to offer up a pint and some conversation with IT Professionals in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.  Are there…


TechNet Plus subscriber downloads now online!

This has been a long time coming.  Here I am in Prince Edward Island on vacation with my family and I check out my online RSS feeds to discover that the TechNet portal has been updated.  Last Friday, TechNet Plus subscribers have been granted access to a new Download engine similar to the MSDN secure downloads!!! …


Do you work in or support a "branch office" environment?

I thought I would post an entry up here asking for your advice. I am working on fleshing out content for the the next tour and based on your feedback and previous comments – you want to actively participate in helping us shape the content.  My question to you is along the lines of the…


Connecting with the Community in a new way – Habitat for Humanity build

Part of my job is working to establish relationships and connections with IT Professionals across Canada as well as support their community efforts.  I’ve met a large number of you through in person events like TechNet days – but also at User Group communities and online communities as well.  In case you hadn’t noticed, we…


In case you Missed it – Exchange 2007 Beta 2 now on BetaCentral

———- edit July 26th ———-Guess I should check the blog before posting with my standalone blog editing software, eh? Damir beat me to the punch by a couple of hours. Oh well. You got the info twice on this one. ———- end edit ———- I was just chatting with Bryan Rusche (Product Manager for Exchange in…