DevOps Basics: Creating an Azure Website

An IT Professional’s role in the world of DevOps is becoming increasingly important.  The fluidity of application creation and implementation solely relies on the collaboration between developers and IT administrators alike for the benefit on behalf of the organization they support.

The biggest challenge IT professionals face in adopting DevOps methodology is relinquishing demands for control. Management is still very much a focus for IT professionals however one’s mindset must now focus on secure enablement without sacrificing end user productivity.  This is a tall order and for some IT professionals, a daunting task.

Lets start with “baby steps” by enabling a website on Azure.

  1. Navigate to the Azure Management Portal
  2. On the lower left, navigate to New > Compute > Web App
  3. Enter the name of the new website to be created and select the Region closest to your location
  4. Once creation is completed, provide the URL to the developers


Remember baby steps. Future posts will further detail how IT professionals will be able to securely enable the new created website amidst developer and end users alike. Stay tuned. 

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