RemoteApp: Creating your Image based on an Existing Azure VM

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Last May (2014) we announced exciting updates to Microsoft Azure.  One of these updates was Azure RemoteApp. It gave companies the ability to provide mobile employees access to Windows applications across a range of devices. Combining Microsoft’s powerful Remote Desktop Services capabilities with the scale and cost-efficiencies of Microsoft Azure.  I wrote about it in the following articles:

But during an Azure bootcamp last week, some of the attendees and I started to talk about how it would be nice to use a VM in Azure to create the base image.  So I looked into it.  and voila! but before we get to it, I suggest the following Microsoft Virtual Academy

Now, let’s get back to how we use an existing VM to build our image.

1- We can use the “Windows Server Remote Desktop Session Host” image from the virtual machine image gallery. ( It meets all the Azure RemoteApp template image requirements)


2- RDP to the VM and install and configure the apps that you want to share through RemoteApp.  In our case for the purposes of this test.  I am installing Microsoft Project Professional 2013 with Service Pack 1.

3- Once the package is installed we validated our installation using a script that will ensure your VM meets the RemoteApp pre-reqs.  That script is already in the “Windows Server Remote Desktop Session Host” image right on the desktop.  To run script, double-click ValidateRemoteAppImage on the desktop and address any reported errors.


4- SYSPREP generalize and capture the image. Open a Command Prompt window as an administrator. Change the directory to %windir%\system32\sysprep, and then run sysprep.exe


5- Once the machine shuts down, it will show up in the Management Portal as Stopped. Click Virtual Machines, and then select the virtual machine you want to capture and on the command bar, click Capture and in Image Name, type a name for the new image.


Now you are ready to create your new collection, either a cloud collection or hybrid, depending on your needs and we’ll complete that task next week.

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