Step-By-Step: Removing Windows 8.1 Modern Apps with PowerShell

PowerShell a great tool for IT professionals allowing them to save time in completing day to day activities. However, automation is not it's sole functionality.  PowerShell can also be utilized to correct errors sometimes caused by GUI based apps.  This Step-By-Step post will resolve, in its example, an issue where a pesky Windows 8.1 modern application that should have been uninstalled remains on the Start Screen.

Step 1: Load PowerShell as an Administrator

This step can be completed in many ways.  In this example, PowerShell has been pinned to the Start Screen

  1. Right-click the PowerShell Tile
  2. Select Run as administrator on the now visible Options Bar below

Step 2: Finding the Application to Remove

  1. In the PowerShell Console, enter the following: Get-AppxPackage

    This will provide a full listing of all the modern apps installed on this machine. Alternatively, should you know of partially know the name of the application in question, the following could be used: Get-AppxPackage - Name *insert name here


Step 3: Removing the Troublesome Application

  1. Copy the value of the PackageFullName variable.  In this example it is RyersonUniversity.GoMobile_1.0.0.13_x64__qkhm82779sy0y
  2. Next enter the following: remove-appxpackage and include the full package name.  This example would require the following remove-appxpackage RyersonUniversity.GoMobile_1.0.0.13_x64__qkhm82779sy0y - Confirm

    Note: -Confirm 
    can be added to the end of the command to provide a confirmation from the individual running the command to ensure the task is to be completed.

Once completed, the troublesome modern application has been removed. 

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