Need help creating your Runbooks in Azure? Look no further…

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Last August i wrote about using automation to help manage your Azure environment in a post called “Step-By-Step: Automating Azure with Runbooks”.

It can be a little intimidating and time consuming to create your own runbooks.  That is why the Azure team as put together a new feature in Azure called the Azure Automation Runbook Gallery.  The Runbook Gallery is a new feature for Azure Automation that puts existing Automation sample, utility, and scenario runbooks right at your fingertips to help you get up and running quickly with your automation tasks. The Runbook Gallery allows you to browse and import runbooks to your Automation account without having to leave the Azure Management Portal.

To access the runbook gallery all you need is to go through the portal.  click the image button in the action bar at the bottom and select App Services > Automation > Runbook > From Gallery.


Once you’re in the gallery you can browse it by category to find the runbook that most likely fits your bill and use the documentation section to see what it does you can use and modify it to fit the goal you are trying to achieve.


Once you find it click the link on the upper right and it will take you to the script center repository where you can find the code itself.


or click the lower right right-arrow to review runbook definition.


From there in the last page of the dialogue box, you can import the runbook in your own automation setup.


That’s it folks….  go automate stuff…

I encourage you to try your hand at writing your own runbooks and harness that power.

Until next time I’m off for a few days on a much needed vacation.



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