What is Azure Rights Management?


Azure Rights Management Services (RMS), newly added to Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite, enables the ability to help protect sensitive company information by controlling how said information is used and to block unauthorized access. The service uses identity, encryption, and authorization policies to insure files and email are secure. Rights Management stays with the files and emails, independent of the location, regardless if the file is outside or inside your organization, file servers, networks, and applications.

Files can be configured to enable only certain people to access the rights protected information and provide control on editing / printing capabilities of the document or file. Emails can also be configured similarly and can provide a policy disallowing people from forwarded the email or prevent use of “Reply All”. RMS also provides a great alternative for those organizations looking to secure information within Microsoft Office 365.

Azure Rights Management Services include:

  • Persistent protection – Data is protected when at rest and in motion. Only trusted entities have the ability to unlock or decrypt the information through granted usage rights
  • Information safeguards – Information residing in Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013, Microsoft Office 2010, SharePoint Online and Microsoft Exchange Online can be enabled with safeguards to secure sensitive data. Policies can be defined as to which users can open, modify, forward, print, or have access to other functionality surrounding the use of the secured information
  • Granular management of usage rights - Usage rights can be assigned to define how a specific trusted entity can use the rights-protected content. Usage rights can also include conditions, such as when those rights expire to provide additional granularity
  • Predefined or Custom Templates – Two predefined templates are included with RMS to quickly enable protection.  Customization or custom template creation is also available to address custom security needs.

Coupled with Azure Active Directory Sync Premium and Intune, Azure Rights Management Services further enables people to access pertinent company information without IT departments worrying as to how the data is being used. To learn more about the enablement of People Centric IT solutions, visit Microsoft Virtual Academy and complete the People-centric IT Immersion course.

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