Azure IaaS: Infrastructure wherever you are, whenever you need!

On Tuesday Microsoft made a huge announcement with regard to Windows Azure and Virtualization.  The following release is from Jeff Woolsey:

The Microsoft Cloud OS Vision just took a huge step forward today. Today, we are announcing:

>> General Availability of Azure IaaS worldwide <<

Furthermore, to eliminate price as a discussion when comparing to the competition, namely AWS, we made a new pledge to our valued customers. Quite simply, we will match AWS prices for commodity services such as compute, storage and bandwidth. We may charge less, but never more. The reason is simple. We want to remove price as part of the equation. We’d rather compete on the services we provide and the complete vision of the Microsoft Cloud OS which provides rich:

· Infrastructure services

· Platform services

· Hybrid scenarios

…versus the narrow and limited AWS vision.

Furthermore, based on customer input, we are also announcing two new higher capacity virtual machines:

1. A four virtual processor VM with 28 GB of memory

2. An eight virtual processor VM with 56 gigabytes of memory

These configurations enable workloads with increasing compute demands. Oh, and BTW, yes, Azure IaaS is running 100% on Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V.

Finally, it should be noted just how fast Azure is growing. Bill Hilf is quoted as saying that Azure is growing at the rate of 1,000 customers A DAY and today supports over 200,000 active customers.

It’s a big day for Microsoft and a…>> Huge congratulations to the Azure team!! <<



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