System Center 2012 Orchestrator – Fix the Web Console Login Issue after Upgrading to SP1


I submitted a blog post recently on upgrading System Center 2012 to Service Pack 1 see it here: Upgrading to System Center 2012 SP1.

During testing, I encountered an issue launching the Orchestrator 2012 SP2 Web Console where I was greeted with 2 authentication prompts. 1 for the Web Console website and the 2nd for the Web Service website. Regardless, despite providing valid credentials to administer Orchestrator, I was greeted with the following error:

  • HTTP Error 401.1 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials.

The solution required 2 steps:

1- In IIS Manager there are 2 websites:

    • Microsoft System Center 2012 Orchestrator Orchestration Console
    • Microsoft System Center 2012 Orchestrator Web Service

Both of these Web Sites have an Application Pool mapped to them. The correct Application Pool should be: System Center 2012 Orchestrator Web Features which has the service account credentials mapped to it which were configured during installation.

This Application Pool can somehow become unmapped and is changed to DefaultAppPool during the upgrade installation.

The correct Application Pool must be remapped to both websites and the websites must be restarted in IIS Manager to capture the new configuration setting.

2- In the c:\program files (x86)\Microsoft System Center 2012\Orchestrator\Orchestration Console folder there is a web.config file. In this file, make the following change:

Locate this line:

Copy it and add this line directly underneath:

Save the File.

This will ensure that you can access the Orchestrator Web Console using either the FQDN or NetBIOS names from a web browser. Remember to restart the websites in IIS Manager after making any changes.

It is normal to receive credential prompts to access the website initially even if you’re logged in to the workstation. Once the browser caches these credentials, you should no longer receive the secondary authentication prompts to login to the Orchestrator Web Console.


I hope this helps.

Please let us know if there are any other System Center 2012 scenarios you are interested in.

And as always, I encourage you to download and try these scenarios in your own lab.  you can find the bits listed below:



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