Windows 8 IT Camps

Many of you are familiar with and have even attended one of the many Windows Server 2012 IT Camps we ran from September through December.  We've had a great turnout and amazing feedback!  Needless to say we'll be continuing with IT Camps in the new year.

We still have a few more Windows Server 2012 IT Camps to come, as well as plans for some really cool camps that cover BYOD and Consumerization of IT.  But for now, what we really want to do is try out some IT Camps for Windows 8.


At this point we aren't going to run a full blown cross country tour like we did with our 20 some odd IT Camps for Windows Server 2012.  We have to prove to some of our key stakeholders and to ourselves that it makes sense to run Windows 8 IT Camps and that our community (that means you) find them useful and valuable.

We have our first two Windows 8 IT Camps set up and you can register right now, but hurry, these always fill up fast.

January 31st, Toronto

February 1st, Toronto


We have plans to do two more Windows 8 IT Camps.  We're still working on the location, so I'd encourage you to have your say and vote in the poll we have running on the Canadian IT Professional Connection LinkedIn group.

We also ask that when you attend our camps, you keep the feedback coming.  In person feedback to our speakers is great and it also helps if you fill out the evaluation that gets emailed to you.  Not only does your feedback help us run better camps, but it also helps us convince those other stakeholders I was talking about that these camps are a great investment and they should keep investing in them.

Now I'm sure you're getting ready to post your comment about us not visiting your city and feel free to do that, we'll post it.  But before you do, make sure you vote in the poll, it'll help us make sure that there's enough interest in a given city so that the room is full when we run our camp.

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