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Happy New Year!

Ok, not quite yet… or depending on when you read this it might be old news.  Either way, I look back on what we accomplished together in 2012 and am amazed… it was an incredible year for the IT Pro community in Canada.  We had several rounds of IT Camps (Virtualization, Private Cloud, Server 2012), A few Launch Events (System Center 2012, Windows Server 2012), and countless user group meetings in cities from sea to shining sea.  As we look ahead to 2013 I know that we are excited by a lot of our plans; when it comes time to sharing them with you all I assure you that you will be excited too!

There are several times of the year that are associated with cleaning.  Although the spring is the most obvious, the end of the year is also a good time to tidy up.  As I mentioned last week I came across a couple of stale lists on this blog, and I decided to clean up a bit.  In my article (Are you an Influencer who blogs? Tell us!) I mentioned that I came across a stale link for my own blog.  I reached out to all of you asking if you would like for your blog to be listed here.  I got a few replies and expect that in the new year I will get a few more.

In the meantime I went through all of the links on the page and found a few were in order, a few were stale (no posts since 2011 or earlier), and a few of the links were defunct.  I took on the task of cleaning things up a bit, so:

  • If the most recent post predates August, 2012 then the blog was removed.
  • If the link was defunct then the blog was removed.
  • If the content of the blog was either sales-specific or otherwise non-IT then the blog was removed.
  • If the link/resource was to a specific article and that article pre-dates 2012 then it was removed.

I want to assure you all that the list as it stands is very easy to modify, and if you would like your blog added then it is quite simple.  I am hoping that this list will be fluid, and kept at least mildly up to date.

There are actually two lists.  One list is called Resource Pages which point to product-specific blogs, and one is called Blog Roll which in most cases points to an individual’s blog (the exception being The Lazy Admin, which belongs to two people with other occasional contributors).

Remember, if you would like your blog on that list, or if you can think of another Canadian blog that should be up there, just drop me a line at and I’ll take a look.  Current and relevant are my main criteria!

By the way, for those of you who are counting we posted a total of 165 articles in 2012 (including this one).  We do it as part of our job, and don’t expect any of you to try to keep up… but blogging is a good way to keep up your brand, and it never looks bad to have a list of current and relevant articles when you point your clients and potential clients to your site!

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