Best Practices for Implementing Identity Management Solutions – Seminars

Avaleris and Microsoft will be hosting a seminar series on Identity Management & Secure Access to discuss ways that IT can meet the latest challenges in implementing Identify Management Solutions. Microsoft’s Forefront Identity Manager 2010 (FIM) R2 solution will be demonstrated.

Come learn about some of the latest enterprise identity and security capabilities that Microsoft has to offer.

The seminar will explore:

  • Automated User Provisioning and
  • Group Management
  • Identity and Password Synchronization
  • Self-Service Password Reset
  • User Profile Management
  • Strong Authentication
  • Roles Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Comprehensive Remote and Secure Online Access

The seminar series takes place on November 27th in Vancouver and November 28th in Calgary.  For more information on the agenda and content, please visit the links below:

Vancouver - November 27th - Register -

Calgary - November 28th - Register -



Comments (4)

  1. ali says:

    What about Toronto?

  2. Steve Syfuhs says:

    Registration links don't work. The HTML is broken.

  3. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the heads up.  Opening the links in a new window while hyperlinking with word Register doesn't seem to be working out with this post, so to be safe, I've included the full link after the word register.

    While clicking on the link works for me, if it doesn't work for anyone, feel free to copy and paste into your browser.



  4. Hi Ali,

    Thanks for the feedback.  I'm sure your comment made a few of our readers chuckle, because it probably seems like we always come to Toronto and never to their cities.

    We always try to make it to as many locations as we can, but it's not possible to go everywhere and we always expect to get questions about why not city x.  We are really quite lucky when you think about it.  We have such an engaged and interested community of folks that really want to come to our events.  Trust me when I say we don't take this for granted and really do appreciate the interest.

    While there aren't any other cities currently planned for this content, there is a virtual event planned that covers some of the same content that you may want to attend.  I've included the link below.  Of course if other cities are added to this series of events, we'll be sure to let you know.–events/all-events/microsoft-strong-authentication-webinar/

    Thanks again,


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