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Feedback is central to much of what we do at Microsoft Canada.  We use that feedback to make sure we're focused on the right way to help YOU by providing resources, answering questions and generally trying to help set you up for success with Microsoft-based solutions.

Twice a year, through something we call the Global Relationship Study (GRS for short); Microsoft Canada reaches out to you and asks for your feedback.  If you receive emails or newsletters from us, read this blog, connect with us on LinkedIn or you’ve attended our events in the last year or so, you’ll know we’re working hard to make sure you know about the ways you can provide us with feedback.  GRS is a big one, and it’s in market right now, so we want to make sure you know about it.

The important details:

  • Timing – September 24th to October 19th
  • Sent From – “Microsoft Feedback”
  • Email Alias – “”
  • Subject Line – “Help Microsoft Focus on Customers and Partners”

We want to hear from you.  We use your feedback to shape what we do each year.  You tell us about how Microsoft can help make your job easier, how we can help position you to be that go to person at your organization, how we can help you grow your career and how we can help give you the skills you need to be successful.  We want to make sure that you can say based on all the things we do to help support you, that you’re completely satisfied with Microsoft Canada.

We’ve really doubled down on getting you training and skills development.  Whether it’s the 30 IT Camps we’ve held in the past 6 months in cities across Canada (plus the 13 or so we have in the pipe), the Microsoft Certification study groups and voucher offers, the free online training at Microsoft Virtual Academy or the software evaluations (free trials) on TechNet, we’re focused on getting you what you need to help set you up for success.

If you don't receive the survey, or don't get a chance to fill it out, head over to our Canadian IT Professional Connection or Microsoft AlignIT for Infrastructure Managers LinkedIn groups to let us know what you're thinking.  Please continue to provide that great feedback.  We thrive on it, we relish it, we wallow in it and most importantly of all, we action it.  So please keep connecting with us and keep it coming!  We’re listening.



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