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In response to Ruth’s recent article on the Windows Server 2012 Canadian Launch Tour and IT Camp Events, Brian asked ‘So for us small town folks is there going to be a self paced Camp?’  This is a very common question, and we decided it deserved more than a quick response.

Let me start by saying that Ruth and I would love to come out to see every one of you.  However we have to balance that with several factors, including budgets, time, and the fact that we both have families at home.  So is there a compromise?

Microsoft does not want to only help the IT Pros who can come out to our events; there are several different ways to learn the new OS:

  • Watch the entire Launch Event (hosted out of the USA) by clicking here.  There are four great keynote speeches from Satya Nadella, Bill Laing, Scott Guthrie, and Brad Anderson.  There are games, challenges, and much more that you can use to learn about Windows Server 2012, as well as links to on-line communities, local events, Partner information, and more.  Check it out!
  • Download the evaluation: You can register for the download and begin your Guided Evaluation today by clicking here.  This link gives you two options:
    • You can download the ISO file and install it from scratch, whether that be on bare metal, a virtual machine, or a dual-boot scenario; or
    • You can download the VHD, and either create a boot-from-VHD environment, or create a virtual machine around it.
  • The Microsoft Virtual Academy has several courses for Windows 2012.  Five of them are currently available, and there are at least four more that will be made available shortly.  Right now you can try:
    • Windows Server 2012 Technical Overview
    • Windows Server 2012: Server Virtualization
    • Windows Server 2012: Management & Automation
    • Windows Server 2012: Storage
    • Windows Server 2012: Networking
  • Download the free e-book: Introducing Windows Server 2012 (RTM Edition).  This is a great book written by one of our own – Mitch Tulloch is a Microsoft MVP out of Winnipeg, Manitoba and is one of the most respected (and rightly so!) technical authors out there.  Depending on the format you prefer you can download these from the following links:

Believe me, we’d love to see you all at our events learning Windows Server 2012.  Seeing you all isn’t possible, but we are making it easier than ever to learn Windows Server 2012… no matter where you live!

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