A One Way Conversation – Time to Broaden Our Horizons

We’ve been operating this blog for several years now and something has become clear to us.  This platform is great at having a one way conversation.  We have some interesting, cool or compelling information we’d like to share with you, so we do.  We get a few comments, but usually they’re directed to us and we respond to them, not something that really brings the rest of you into the discussion. 

What’s more, we tend to focus on Microsoft (Canada) content.  It kind of makes sense; I mean we do work for Microsoft Canada after all.  But we know there’s a lot more going on in IT that affects and impacts your day to day. 

So in an effort to make this more of a two way conversation and one where you can drive the discussion just as much as we can, we’ve set up a new LinkedIn Group.

The Group is called: “Canadian IT Professional Connection” fitting, since it’s the name of our blog too, but I think it also really sums up what we hope the group can be.  A place where Canadian IT Professionals can connect with us and with each other.  Where you can network and learn in order to grow and be successful in your careers, regardless of the platforms and technologies you use.

This group is for you. Seriously - it's open talk about life working with technology. Talk about whatever you like, share war stories, work on problems or just make connections. Only request is that you respect the members of the group and ask questions / participate - we all benefit.

We won't discriminate if you align yourself with Developers, SysAdmins, LanAdmins, VoIP, Mac, Linux, Windows, VMware, Citrix - WHATEVER!

This group will be supported by like-minded IT Pro folks at Microsoft Canada & by you, of course!

If you’d like to check the group out, start a discussion, join one that has already started or do some networking, visit the Canadian IT Professional Connection to join the group and get started.

We're looking forward to having a great two way conversation with you!

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